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ATH­LET­ICS Eg­mont club

Girls’ 7, 100m, E Ansell 19.03sec 1; long jump, Ansell 2.49m 1; girls’ 8, 100m, m El­liott 16.33sec

1, K Stock­well 17.23sec 2, E Bar­ron 17.93sec 3;

400m, Stock­well 1min32.74sec 1, Bar­ron

1min34.18sec 2; long jump, El­liott 3.02m 1, Bar­ron 2.59m 2, Stock­well 2.57m 3; girls’ 9,

100m, A Ele­mam 15.93sec 1; 400m, Ele­mam

1min23.98sec 1; long jump, Ele­mam 3.32m 1; girls’ 10, 100m, B McEwan 15.98sec 1; long jump, McEwan 3.62m 1; girls’ 11, 100m, F Parker

14.98sec 1, R Donovan 15.80sec 2, V Do­minikovich 17.09sec 3; 400m, Do­minikovich

1min25.71sec 1; 600m, Donovan 1min54.62sec

1; long jump, Parker 3.59m 1, Donovan 3.54m 2, Do­minikovich 3.16m 3; girls’ 12, 100m, R Grylls

15.57sec 1, J Ans­ley 17.56sec 2; long jump, Grylls

3.43m 1; girls’ 13, 100m, M Do­minikovich

14.89sec 1, Z Hall 14.92sec 2; 400m, Do­minikovich 75.20sec 1; 600m, B Drav­itzki

2min00.84sec 1, E Shotter 2min01.27sec 2;

2000m, Shotter 7min27.88sec 1, Drav­itzki

7min44.65sec 2; triple jump, Hall 8.86m 1; javelin, Hall 17.45m 1; girls’ 14, 100m, S Bird­sall

13.31sec 1, J Martin 14.27sec 2, L El­liott 14.52sec

3; 400m, El­liott 64.92sec 1; 600m, J Cam­den

1min58.00sec 1; 2000m, Cam­den 8min35.50sec

1; triple jump, D Fraser 7.72m 1, M Hall 7.40m 2; javelin, Hall 12.81m 1; un­der-18 women, 1km walk, H Suther­land 6min53.33sec 1, L Ke­hely

6min53.45sec 2; 2km walk, Ke­hely 8min35.47sec

1, H Gil­berd 8min57.24sec 2; 100m, J Grylls

13.95sec 1, A Nolly 14.08sec 2, J McCallum

14.28sec 3; 400m, D Phe­lan 75.20sec 1; 600m, Phe­lan 1min51.21sec 1; 2000m, Suther­land

7min53.74sec 1; triple jump, McCallum 7.86m 1; javelin, Gil­berd 22.08m 1, C God­win 18.85m 2, Suther­land 7.52m 3; women’s 35, 1km walk, V Jones 7min08.83sec 1; 2km walk, Jones

10min50.24sec 1; women’s 50, 1km walk, S Coombes 6min00.48sec 1, S Bur­well

7min30.21sec 2; 2km walk, S Coombes

8min55.72sec 1, Bur­well 11min06.31sec 2; weight throw, Bur­well 6.68m 1, women’s 55,

400m, S Bond 1min35.22sec 1; women’s 60, 1km walk, A Fraser 7min09.18sec 1, V Adams

7min19.24sec 2; 2km walk, Fraser

10min44.96sec 1; women’s 65, 100m, J Baker

18.03sec 1; 400m, Baker 1min30.84sec 1; 600m, Baker 2min31.87sec 1; 2000m, Baker

9min50.82sec 1; triple jump, Baker 6.01m 1; javelin, Baker 11.79m 1; weight throw, Baker

7.10m 1; boys’ 7, 100m, H Back 17.28sec 1;

400m, Back 1min25.97sec 1; long jump, Back

3.10m 1; boys’ 9, 100m, L Hal­dane 17.43sec 1;

600m, Hal­dane 2min12.99sec 1; boys’ 10, 1km walk, C Shotter 7min42.45sec 1, K Froome

7min43.51sec 2; 100m, J Ansell 15.31sec 1, F Hall

17.65sec 2; 400m, Shotter 1min25.59sec 1;

600m, Froome 2min13.68sec 1, Ansell

2min15.75sec 2; Ansell 3.45m 1, ;ong jump Hall

3.01m 2; boys’ 11, javelin, Z But­ton 8.16m 1; boys’ 12, 100m, D Suther­land 15.81sec 1, J Froome 16.25sec 2; 400m, Suther­land 69.78sec

1; 600m, Suther­land 1min54sec 1, Froome

2min12.28sec 2; 2000m, Suther­land

7min25.90sec 1; boys’ 13, 100m, O Hadley

15.43sec 1; 600m, Hadley 1min56.96sec 1; triple jump, O But­ton 8.24m 1; javelin, Hadley 24.14m

1, But­ton 23.61m 2; boys’ 14, 100m, A Bo­cock

13.07sec 1, M Ap­pert 14.18sec 2, S Bond

16.53sec 3; 400m, M Rowe 66.87sec 1, G Vink

68.62sec 2, S Bond 1min23.59sec 3; 600m, J Gibbs 1min42.95sec 1, Rowe 1min43.90sec 2, Ap­pert 1min50.64sec 3; 2000m, L We­ston

6min25.96sec 1, Gibbs 7min42.05sec 2, R White

7min43.58sec 3; javelin (700gm), Bo­cock 22.04m

1; javelin (600gm), Ap­pert 28.34m 1, Rowe

18.09m 2, Bond 17.96m 3; un­der-18 men, 100m, J Stock­well 11.35sec 1, B Mur­ray 12.09sec 2, N Bar­low 12.45sec 3; 400m, G For­est 61.61sec 1;

600m, S Wiese 1min47.24sec 1; 2000m, Wiese

2min37.92sec 1; triple jump, Mur­ray 12.98m 1, T Gra­ham 10.35m 2, Bar­low 10.13m 3; javelin, Mur­ray 33.50m 1, Gra­ham 24.15 2, Bar­low

23.12m 3; un­der-20 men, 100m, J McCallum

11.22sec 1; 400m, McCallum 50.85sec 1, El­liott

56.49sec 2; 600m, C De­vaney 1min29.37sec 1, El­liott 1min29.60sec 2; men’s 35, 400m, A Sang­ster 66.64sec 1; 600m, Sang­ster

1min49.50sec 1; 2000m, Sang­ster 8min32.80sec

1; men’s 45, javelin, S El­liott 24.79m 1; men’s 55,

1km walk, D Hussey 7min06.92sec 1; 2km walk, Hussey 10min42.29sec 1; men’s 60, 400m, A Thomas 71.16sec 1; 600m, Thomas

1min55.60sec 1; men’s 65, 1km walk, A Jane

6min22.03sec 1; 2km walk, Jane 9min13.18sec 1;

100m, Jane 18.97sec 1; 400m D Phillips 75.02sec

1; 600m, Phillips 2min06.70sec 1, Jane

2min21.18sec 2; 2000m, Jane 8min53.22sec 1; javelin, Phillips 14.50m 1; men’s 70, 1km walk, R Green 7min29.69sec 1; 2km walk, Green

16min38.72sec 1; weight throw, Green 9.22m 1; men’s 85, 1km walk, A Fa­hey 10min54.98sec 1;

2km walk, Fa­hey 16min38.28sec 1; weight throw, Fa­hey 5.73m 1.

BOWLS In­ter­club

Draw for the Bowls Taranaki TSB Realty Men’s In­ter­club for play on Sun­day.

Di­vi­sion one at Haw­era Park (Su­per­vi­sor D McClean). Round one: New Ply­mouth v Par­itutu, Haw­era Park v In­gle­wood, West End White v Tower, Vo­gel­town v West End Blue, Fitzroy v Alton. Round 2- Haw­era Park v New Ply­mouth, Par­itutu v Fitzroy, Alton v Vo­gel­town, West End Blue v West End White, Tower v In­gle­wood. Round 3- Vo­gel­town v Par­itutu, Fitzroy v Haw­era Park, New Ply­mouth v In­gle­wood, Tower v West End Blue, West End White v Alton.

Di­vi­sion two Am­ber at West End (Su­per­vi­sor Midge Shaw). Round one: Strat­ford-Avon v Fitzroy, Coastal v Lep­per­ton, In­gle­wood Ma­roon v New Ply­mouth, Par­itutu Green v West End Blue. Round 2- Fitzroy v Lep­per­ton, Strat­fordAvon v New Ply­mouth, Coastal v Par­itutu Green, In­gle­wood Ma­roon v West End Blue. Round 3-Strat­ford-Avon v In­gle­wood Ma­roon, West End Blue v Coastal, Fitzroy v Par­itutu Green, Lep­per­ton v New Ply­mouth.

Di­vi­sion two Black at Fitzroy (Su­per­vi­sor Glen Brooks). Round one: Oakura v West End White, Waimea v Tower, Strat­ford-Avon v Par­itutu, In­gle­wood White v Haw­era Park.

Round two: West End White v Haw­era, Oakura v Par­itutu, Waimea v In­gle­wood White, Strat­ford-Avon v Haw­era Park. Round 3- Haw­era v Par­itutu, West End White v In­gle­wood White, Oakura v Strat­ford-Avon, Haw­era Park v Waimea.

Di­vi­sion three at Par­itutu (Su­per­vi­sor Al­lan Madg­wick/ Paul Doody). Round one: Lep­per­ton v Par­itutu, Haw­era Park v Waitara, Tower v Fitzroy White, Vo­gel­town v Fitzroy Blue, West End v Manaia. Round 2- Haw­era Park v Lep­per­ton, Par­itutu v West End, Manaia v Vo­gel­town, Fitzroy White v Fitzroy Blue, Waitara v Tower. Round 3- Vo­gel­town v Par­itutu, West End v Haw­era Park, Lep­per­ton v Waitara, Fitzroy White v Manaia, Fitzroy Blue v Tower.

TRACK­WORK New Ply­mouth

Track­work at Pukekura Race­way, Tues­day. Course proper, track dead. Mark­ers out 16m.

Mul­ti­ple Group I win­ner Kawi took time honours. Pre­par­ing for the $100,000 weight for age Tau­ranga Stakes on Satur­day, Kawi ran his last 600 in 36 along with sta­ble­mate Hoist who is nom­i­nated for a rat­ing 65 race at Waver­ley on Sun­day.

Also out of the Al­lan Shar­rock sta­ble, Darci Mac worked out his last 600 in 38.5. The Al­bert Soffe trained Wyn­thorpe stopped the clock at

38.4 for his last 600.

Pretty Reck­less and Her­man­ito were timed to fin­ish in 37.5, just a frac­tion faster than Joyride and How’s That Girl who fnished their last 600 in 37.6.

Powence and Mal­ibu Miss did sim­i­lar work in

37.8 while Fields Of Fire and Cot­toneva did 38.3. There was slightly faster work from Fas­cino Lass and Master­courts­man who fin­ished in 38.03 while Brid­get and an alam­osa were clocked at


On the sand, Tellyawhat was timed to fin­ish in


Brought to you by Taranaki Rac­ing. Next Race­day at Pukekura, the La Nuova Twi­light Races, Fri­day, Novem­ber 24.

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