Rose wa­ter & rasp­berry panna cotta

Taste - - Spring Fling -

Pas­sion­fruit & white choco­late ice cream ter­rine

READY IN 20 min­utes plus freez­ing time SERVES 4-6


4 egg yolks ½ cup caster sugar 300ml cream 1 cup chopped white choco­late ¼ cup lemon curd ¼ cup pas­sion­fruit pulp or sauce,

plus ex­tra to gar­nish

1 Line a ter­rine or loaf tin (I used a 24cm x 8cm ter­rine) with plas­tic wrap. 2 Us­ing an elec­tric beater, beat the egg yolks and sugar for 4-5 min­utes un­til thick, pale and fluffy. 3 Whip the cream un­til soft peaks form then fold through the white choco­late, lemon curd and pas­sion­fruit. 4 Fold cream mix­ture into the fluffy egg yolks then pour into the ter­rine or tin. Freeze for at least 6 hours or un­til solid. 5 To serve, in­vert onto a serv­ing plat­ter, re­move tin or ter­rine and peel off the plas­tic wrap. Driz­zle ice cream ter­rine with a lit­tle ex­tra pas­sion­fruit pulp.

Rose wa­ter & rasp­berry panna cotta

READY IN 30 min­utes plus chilling time MAKES 6 small ramekins


500ml cream ¼ cup sugar 2 tsp gela­tine 100ml milk 2 Tbsp rose wa­ter ¾ cup freeze-dried rasp­ber­ries,

plus ex­tra to dec­o­rate Crunchy bis­cuits or wafers, to serve

1 Pre­pare an iced wa­ter bath. Warm cream and sugar in a medium pan, stir­ring un­til sugar com­pletely dis­solves. 2 Mean­while, sprin­kle gela­tine over milk. Leave to swell for 5 min­utes then mix into warm cream, stir­ring un­til gela­tine com­pletely dis­solves. Strain into a jug and stand in iced wa­ter bath; stir un­til luke­warm then leave un­til cold. 3 Stir rose wa­ter and half the rasp­ber­ries into cold mix­ture. Di­vide re­main­ing rasp­ber­ries be­tween six very lightly oiled ramekins or panna cotta moulds. Pour cream mix­ture over top and re­frig­er­ate for about 2 hours or un­til firm. 4 To serve, run tip of a thin-bladed knife around in­side of moulds and then gen­tly prise cus­tard away from sides and in­vert onto plates (or leave in ramekins, if you pre­fer). Crumble ex­tra freezedried rasp­berry on top and add a few crunchy bis­cuits or wafers on the side to com­ple­ment the silky cus­tard tex­ture.

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