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⅓ cup-1 cup dried legumes (⅓ cup will give you about ½-⅔ cup sprouts) – I love mung beans, lentils and blue peas the most, but chickpeas, whero peas, adzuki and other beans can also be sprouted, too

1 Put legume (or mix­ture) in a glass jar (ma­son or agee jars are ideal), cover with plenty of cold, fil­tered wa­ter, screw on a sprout­ing lid (or use muslin se­cured with rub­ber band) and leave on bench overnight. 2 The fol­low­ing day, drain the wa­ter, rinse and drain again. Place jar on its side or rest up­side down in a bowl on a slight an­gle to al­low any ex­cess wa­ter to drain off, then place on the bench in a light spot out of di­rect sun­light. 3 Rinse and drain sprouts each day as per step 2. Af­ter 2-4 days your sprouts will be ready to eat.

Sprouted lentil bites with co­rian­der lime sauce. See page 57 for recipe.

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