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Whipped cream trans­forms a slice of cake, a mod­est meringue or a bowl of berries into a bona fide dessert. Try these cream vari­a­tions for a lush, next-level top­ping.

Cof­fee whipped cream: Stir 2 tsp espresso pow­der or 2½ tsp freeze-dried cof­fee gran­ules and 1 Tbsp sugar into 1 cup cream. Whip as usual, tast­ing and ad­just­ing the sweet­ness to­wards the end. Serve with iced choco­late or cof­fee-based drinks.

Gian­duja cream: Swirl Nutella into softly whipped cream, fold­ing it through to your de­sired in­ten­sity. Good with meringues, berries, choco­late or vanilla flavours.

Or­ange blos­som whipped cream: Add 1½ tsp sugar, 1 tsp finely grated or­ange zest, and 1-2 drops or­ange flower wa­ter to 1 cup cream. Whip, tast­ing and ad­just­ing the flavour and sweet­ness as de­sired. Great with meringues, berries, sponge cake and fruit salad.

Lemon curd is amaz­ing swirled through softly whipped cream – use about ¼ cup curd to 300ml cream. Serve with meringues, pan­cakes, waf­fles, sponge cake or berries.

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