Net­flix causes huge in­crease in data de­mand


‘‘On av­er­age, homes in the Taupo Dis­trict now use 169GB of data each month.’’ Cho­rus sta­tis­tics

Taupo house­holds are con­sum­ing 134 gi­ga­bytes of broad­band data each month, ac­cord­ing to Cho­rus.

That’s 49 per cent more broad­band data than last year - and the rea­son is stream­ing video ser­vices like Net­flix, the com­pany says.

The av­er­age home in the Taupo Dis­trict used 169GB of data on Cho­rus cop­per and fi­bre net­works dur­ing the month of April 2017, com­pared to 90GB in April 2016.

Kurt Rodgers, net­work strat­egy man­ager at Cho­rus said the low­est de­mand for data was at 5am each day.

De­mand for data is steady from 9.30am un­til 3.30pm, when de­mand in­creases sharply.

‘‘It is un­likely to be a co­in­ci­dence that it’s the same time cer­tain datahun­gry mem­bers of the fam­ily wan­der in from school,’’ Rodgers said.

‘‘House­hold usage slows down again over din­ner time, and from 7:30pm it climbs to the high­est usage pe­riod of the day – be­tween 8pm and 10:30pm – as peo­ple get through one or two Net­flix shows, up­load the home­work or Skype friends and fam­ily.’’

Na­tion­ally, the av­er­age New Zealand home used about 150GB of broad­band data in April 2017 – com­pared to about 101GB in April 2016.

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