One year of rain in 8 months


Taupo has sur­passed its av­er­age ex­pected an­nual rain­fall al­ready.

It’s only Septem­ber, but more rain has fallen in Taupo so far than what could nor­mally be ex­pected in a whole year.

Met­ser­vice sci­en­tists say it may get rainier too, with global warm­ing in­creas­ing the amount of mois­ture in the air.

Claire Flynn, Met­ser­vice me­te­o­rol­o­gist, said 992mm of rain­fall had been recorded at Taupo Air­port by Fri­day morn­ing - pass­ing the 41-year av­er­age of 954.6 mm per year.

While Tu­rangi was typ­i­cally rainier than Taupo, rain­fall hadn’t reached its an­nual av­er­age yet.

‘‘Be­ing closer to the moun­tains, it is a lot wet­ter there, with an av­er­age an­nual rain­fall of 1556mm, Flynn said.

‘‘So far this year up to mid­night [Thurs­day], Tu­rangi have had 1300mm of rain­fall,’’ she said.

The Taupo Dis­trict hasn’t been as wet as Ro­torua though, which has had 156 per cent of its av­er­age an­nual rain­fall al­ready.

In Ro­torua, 2046mm of rain has fallen. The an­nual av­er­age for that city is only 1313mm.

Flynn said New Zealand had been af­fected by a lot of low­pres­sure sys­tems com­ing from the Tas­man Sea this year.

‘‘Usu­ally we see a lot of fast­mov­ing fronts com­ing from the south­west.

‘‘This year, we have had fewer of th­ese fast mov­ing fronts, and in­stead had more low-pres­sure sys­tems – some of which have sat sta­tion­ary, close to New Zealand for a pe­riod of time, bring­ing pe­ri­ods of per­sis­tent rain to many parts of the coun­try,’’ she said.

Se­vere weather fore­caster Erick Bren­strum said warmer air could hold more mois­ture, so the fu­ture wasn’t likely to be drier.

‘‘Due to warm­ing around the globe, gen­er­ally rain­fall events across the world will bring larger amounts of rain­fall than a sim­i­lar storm would have brought in pre­vi­ous decades,’’ he said.

Ad­di­tion­ally, when mois­ture con­denses from vapour into liq­uid [rain], it re­leases la­tent heat en­ergy, the Met­ser­vice fore­caster said.

‘‘This ex­tra en­ergy can also serve to make storms more in­tense, and there­fore in­crease rain­fall that way.’’

Av­er­age rain­fall around New Zealand [10-year]: ❚ Auck­land av­er­age an­nual: 1065mm. Year to date: 985 mm. ❚ Ro­torua av­er­age an­nual: 1313 mm. YTD: 2046 mm. ❚ Hamil­ton av­er­age an­nual: 1129 mm. YTD: 1110 mm. ❚ Welling­ton av­er­age an­nual: 1230 mm. YTD: 1135 mm ❚ Fiord­land av­er­age an­nual rain­fall: 4925 mm. YTD: 4006 mm.

‘‘Due to warm­ing around the globe... [storms] will bring larger amounts of rain­fall.’’


Wet weather isn’t both­er­ing Pey­ton and Do­minick, who en­joy splash­ing in pud­dles.

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