So easy to adopt safe prac­tices with dogs

Te Awamutu Courier - - News - RON COLLINSON Piron­gia

I won­der how many dog own­ers who do not pick up their dog poop are aware of the dread­ful mis­ery they are cre­at­ing.

My dog, or your dog, may con­tain the Toxo cara ca­nis virus in its poo.

I have no­ticed that most dog own­ers in Piron­gia care­fully pick up their dog poo with a plas­tic bag as they are aware of the aw­ful con­se­quence to tod­dlers, which is a life­time of blind­ness.

How does this hap­pen? Your dog, or mine, poops in the park, you do not pick it up and it may con­tain this aw­ful worm. The eggs in­cu­bate in the soil and an in­no­cent child like your or my grand­child will eat grass and soil as kid­dies do.

The eggs hatch in the child, and be­cause their im­mune sys­tem is not able to cope with it, the brain suc­cumbs and blind­ness is the re­sult.

Just lately I no­tice there is dog poo in the park and grass verges in our vil­lage, so our tod­dlers are at huge risk — there­fore I beg all dog own­ers, please pick up your dog poo.

It is so easy, just use a plas­tic bag as a glove.

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