Matt Wat­son’s fish head recipe a del­i­cacy for all


Matt Wat­son says fish heads can be smoked, steamed or boiled - but a con­ve­nient way is to oven roast them. Here’s his recipe: Pre­heat oven to 200 de­grees.

Re­move gills from fish heads but leave wings at­tached. Re­move the scales with a fish scaler, or a desert spoon works pretty good. Do this out on the lawn the scales fly ev­ery­where.

Place fish heads in a roast­ing dish. Rub salt into the skin and around the in­side of the heads, coat in black pep­per and driz­zle a tiny bit of olive oil.

Add a few slices of lemon and red onion in­side and out. Cover with foil and bake for 20 mins, or when skin starts to split. It’s good to eat now but if you like the skin crispy tip the juice off, re­move lemon and place un­der grill for a few min­utes.

To serve, plonk it on the ta­ble and hook into it. In or­der of pref­er­ence, the best bits are the wings, cheeks, eyes, and the top of the head, he says. Bewdy!

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