It’s the time to mulch again


avoid invit­ing fun­gal dis­ease which thrives in warm damp con­di­tions. For a DIY ap­proach, bury a drink bot­tle up­side down with its base cut off and fill it with wa­ter ev­ery few days which will then slowly seep into the soil. If you don’t have time to wa­ter or you’re go­ing away, set up a wa­ter­ing sys­tem that runs on a timer. space. In re­gions with re­li­ably hot, long sum­mers, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to wa­ter­mel­ons. Sow Yates ‘Coun­try Sweet’ or Kings Seeds snake­skinned ‘Ge­or­gia Rat­tlesnake’. In smaller gar­dens, or in re­gions where sum­mers can be short, plant smaller-fruit­ing va­ri­eties, as these are much more likely to ripen be­fore the heat re­treats. We’re grow­ing the base­ball-sized, dark-skinned ‘Su­gar Baby’ (any fruit or veg­etable with ‘su­gar’ in the name im­me­di­ately has kid ap­peal). Melons love hot spot and lots of wa­ter while the fruit is de­vel­op­ing. In cooler ar­eas, sow the seeds along the base of a north-fac­ing wall or fence so they can soak up the re­flected heat. Feed with the same liq­uid fer­tiliser you’re us­ing for toma­toes.

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