An easy-to-fol­low drill that will im­prove your chip­ping abil­ity

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Chip­ping can be made easy and the way to do this is by keep­ing things sim­ple. And by that I mean aim­ing for just one sim­ple feel­ing — that of be­ing low through the ball. This penalty shootout drill is de­signed to help those play­ers who find chip­ping the ball into the air dif­fi­cult or who strug­gle with

in­con­sis­tent con­tact. Sound like you? Then read on…

Set up and back­swing

First up, place two goal posts (buck­ets) with a cross bar (club) about 1 me­tre in front of you. Stand a lit­tle closer to the ball at set-up than you nor­mally do. The rea­son for this is be­cause it will al­low the club to move back on a straighter path.

Mak­ing the down­swing

The key here is to feel as if you are hit­ting the shot as low as pos­si­ble… and into the ‘goal’. The feel­ing gen­er­ated is of the club­face trav­el­ling low to­wards the goal but the re­sult will ac­tu­ally have the op­po­site ef­fect on the ball, which will travel over the top of the goal into the air! There you have it, the per­fect chip.

Achieve the re­sult you want

A good thing to re­mem­ber is that golf works a lot in op­po­sites. If you swing the club low through the ball, the ball will go high — which is the op­po­site of how we would ex­pect to get the ball head­ing in an up­wards di­rec­tion.

QUICK TIP: The aim is to feel as if you

are hit­ting low through the ball

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