Be­fore you can start mas­ter­mind­ing your way around the course, there are two fun­da­men­tals you must get to grips with: dis­tance and know­ing ex­actly how far each club in your bag goes.

I’ll be hon­est, fig­ur­ing this out can in­volve a slightly me­nial half hour or so, but stick with it be­cause ul­ti­mately you’ll know you’ve done some­thing ex­tremely pro­duc­tive and it’ll pay off for ev­ery round of golf you ever play from here on.

First, you have to fig­ure out how you’re go­ing to take your mea­sure­ments. The best way is to ac­cess a launch mon­i­tor as this is by far the most ac­cu­rate way of test­ing. Many lo­cal pro shops and driv­ing ranges now of­fer this tech­nol­ogy, but if you’re stuck ask your lo­cal pro­fes­sional for ad­vice on where you can get ac­cess to one.

Another good op­tion is a GPS de­vice which you would use on course; it’s more prac­ti­cal and more ac­cu­rate than a laser for this ex­er­cise.

Be sure to go through each club in your bag, and over five or six shots take an av­er­age mea­sure­ment and make a note of the dis­tance for that club. Once you’ve done all

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