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I don’t like Mike Hosk­ing but I am ap­palled at the pe­ti­tion to get rid of him. Free­dom of speech is cen­tral to our democ­racy, and cen­tral to free­dom of speech is the right to say things that peo­ple do not agree with.

We all need our cher­ished ideas to be chal­lenged from time to time. It is the role of peo­ple like Hosk­ing to chal­lenge group­think.

Even when Paul Henry ‘‘went too far’’ in his com­ments about Anand Satyanand it sparked a very use­ful de­bate about what it is to be a Kiwi in this day and age.

As some­one said at the time, he says what many peo­ple think.

Ei­ther what those peo­ple think is wrong and it needs to be de­bated, or it is right and we need to learn from it.

One of the great fal­la­cies of po­lit­i­cal cor­rect­ness is the idea that if you deny a voice to cer­tain opin­ions then they will wither away and dis­ap­pear.

The re­al­ity is that peo­ple whose opin­ions are not heard be­come frus­trated and the is­sue fes­ters.

I hope that this time TVNZ has the guts to stand up for their man.

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