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1. De­mand sex ap­peal if you want to look for trou­ble (3,3,2)

7. Then, dose end­lessly the ones there (5)

8. Fu­ri­ous, and red­dish-blue around the North (7)

9. At en­ter­ing cricket team with­out tail-en­der, give it up­lift (7)

10. Show Burmese Si­amese (4)

12. Up­land torn by rush of wa­ter (7)

14. The rot­ter lost his head car­ry­ing flame per­haps (7)

17. Be­gin with what any­one may en­ter (4)

18. Such as Flash­man that is sur­rounded by rising spec­u­la­tors (7)

21. In­flict pain or ap­pear in ut­ter dis­cord (7)

22. Coura­geous, top­less – but with for­tune smil­ing at one (5)

23. They are shortly in­stru­men­tal in mak­ing up par­cel list so (8) DOWN

1. No­tice that goods are com­ing, be­ing sought from coun­sel­lor (6)

2. Is get­ting tied up with nau­ti­cal speed at sound of bell (8)

3. Cir­cle the East by get­ting round it and do as or­dered (4)

4. Where to find camper con­cen­trat­ing (6)

5. No wake­ful state of the com­pany Mother has joined (4)

6. There’s some­thing wrong if one will be a rene­gade (6)

7. Among those peo­ple min­eral rock is some­thing to be proved (7)

11. In a tri­fling way type lit out (7)

13. Sound out, putting them in (8)

14. Writes ma­li­ciously of last of the bills to be com­pounded (6)

15. Noise as of taffeta com­ing from Ul­ster pos­si­bly (6)

16. If not, the in­ter­na­tional states­men will get fewer (6)

19. A bit of hair en­abling one to climb along the canal (4)

20. Seed cov­er­ing qui­etly slipped from a month in au­tumn (4)

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