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Con­ser­va­tive Party

The Tuk­i­tuki elec­torate in many ways rep­re­sents ‘‘core’’ New Zealand. There are spe­cific chal­lenges that cap­ture public at­ten­tion, such as town wa­ter sup­plies. There are deeper chal­lenges in mak­ing sure that fam­i­lies can sur­vive and pros­per.

Among the poli­cies I’m stand­ing on for the Con­ser­va­tive Party, the key ar­eas are sup­port­ing fam­i­lies, democ­racy, and hon­est en­vi­ron­men­tal poli­cies.We aim to sup­port fam­i­lies by mak­ing life just a lit­tle more af­ford­able. Let’s al­low par­ents to in­come split to re­duce the house­hold tax bur­den.

Let’s pay stay-at-home par­ents the same 20 hours for child­care that we’d pay to a child­care cen­tre. Democ­racy… This is where the Con­ser­va­tive Party started, and it’s still cru­cial. In FOUR cit­i­zen’s ini­ti­ated ref­er­enda, the gov­ern­ment has re­jected the over­whelm­ing vote of the peo­ple.

The gov­ern­ment should serve the peo­ple, not the other way around. And the en­vi­ron­ment is cru­cial to us all. I’ve a sci­ence de­gree fo­cus­ing on the en­vi­ron­ment. I’ve also spent years work­ing in our ru­ral sec­tor. We need to be ask­ing: ‘‘How ex­actly are we pol­lut­ing?’’ and ‘‘how can I (and we) change our be­hav­iour for the sake of the en­vi­ron­ment?’’

A vote for Con­ser­va­tive is a vote to re­store New Zealand.

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