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In 2011, we all stopped and watched help­lessly as Christchurch was al­most flat­tened by an earth­quake.

This week a de­struc­tive force has ripped through New Zealand once more.

Two quakes, lasting about two min­utes hit North Can­ter­bury.

Roads, shops and fam­ily homes have been re­duced to rub­ble. Lives have been lost.

I can not imag­ine how grief stricken and help­less peo­ple af­fected must be feel­ing.

I am al­ways shocked by how re­silient peo­ple are when faced with ad­ver­sity. Ap­peals and col­lec­tions for earth­quake dis­as­ter re­lief have been cre­ated, with peo­ple giv­ing gen­er­ously.

GNS seis­mol­o­gist Caroline Holden says more quakes are ‘‘very likely’’ dur­ing the com­ing months. As af­ter­shocks con­tinue please re­mem­ber to DROP, HOLD and COVER.

For those af­fected, our thoughts are with you.

If you know of any South­land­based ap­peals, let us know.

- Joanna Grif­fiths

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