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New Year ap­proaches. So many op­tions for self-im­prove­ment.

Get fit­ter. Get richer. Master so­cial me­dia. Lose weight. Gain mus­cle. Sleep more. Watch less TV.

Many peo­ple set New Year’s Res­o­lu­tions.

Don’t scoff! These are the dream­ers aim­ing for a bet­ter life!

They are choos­ing this mo­ment to try to break cy­cles of fail­ure they think are hold­ing them back.

We should con­grat­u­late them, even though most will fail.

There is a sci­ence of suc­cess­ful New Year re­solv­ing.

It is a dis­til­la­tion of the ac­tions that are most likely to see your res­o­lu­tion ful­filled.

It can be bro­ken down into the six R’s: Re­solve, re­search, record, re­veal, re­visit, re­ward. Here’s how it works.

Re­solve. Choose your aim, while be­ing re­al­is­tic.

Re­search how to achieve it by go­ing on­line to do a deep dive into the plethora of ad­vice and Make few res­o­lu­tions Draw your plans

Ex­e­cute them with in­tent

in­for­ma­tion avail­able on­line.

It’s of­ten a good idea to also in­clude a chat with your smartest friend.

Record the res­o­lu­tion, along with the plan for how you are go­ing to achieve it.

Re­veal it by telling loved ones about it.

Re­visit it through­out the year, check­ing in on your progress.

Re­ward your­self when you hit mile­stones.

Con­sider how this might work with Ki­wiSaver.

Let’s say you missed out on part of the ‘‘mem­ber tax credit’’ this be­ing a gift of up to $521.43 from the tax­payer, paid into your Ki­wiSaver ac­count.

It helps boost your re­tire­ment nest egg, so it is worth hav­ing.

Hav­ing iden­ti­fied your res­o­lu­tion, go on on­line to see how it all works.

You find that get the en­tire tax­payer sub­sidy you have to con­trib­ute at least $1042.86 be­fore the end of June.

Em­ployer con­tri­bu­tions don’t count, you find.

Your fail­ure to get the en­tire big five hundy, as the Re­tire­ment Com­mis­sioner calls it, may be be­cause you are on con­tri­bu­tion hol­i­day, self­em­ployed, or em­ployed part­time, so don’t earn enough.

Your plan may in­volve steps like: join Ki­wiSaver, come off con­tri­bu­tions hol­i­day, or make an ad­di­tional vol­un­tary con­tri­bu­tion cal­cu­lated with sci­en­tific ac­cu­racy to get over the line.

Once your plan is made, record it by writ­ing it down. Re­veal it.

Tell some peo­ple.

Fix it to the fridge with a mag­net.

The plan has mile­stones. Keep tabs on how you are do­ing. Re­visit it from time to time to check you are on track.

When you hit the tar­get, tell your loved ones, and be re­warded with hugs.

The most ex­cit­ing res­o­lu­tions are the life-chang­ing ones with the po­ten­tial to re­set your life onto a hap­pier, richer track.

When I think back over my work­ing life this far, there are two big de­ci­sions that stick out as hav­ing been trans­for­ma­tive.

The first was get­ting fit and giv­ing up the cig­a­rettes (I’m count­ing it as one be­cause get­ting fit was my re­ward for be­ing tobacco-free).

The sec­ond was to be an­tidebt, and anti-con­sumer (Again, I’m count­ing that as one be­cause the first is hard with­out the sec­ond).

So, re­solve, re­search, record, re­veal, re­visit, re­ward for a bet­ter life.


Be re­al­is­tic, and don’t make too may res­o­lu­tions.

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