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Have you ever got your car stuck on the beach? Ap­par­ently you are not alone.

Hours af­ter In­ver­cargill Auto Sal­vage re­moval spe­cial­ist Melvin But­ler vis­ited Oreti Beach to re­move two burnt out cars, he was back at the beach tow­ing out some­one who was stuck in the sand about 100 me­tres away from the road’s en­trance.

Tow­ing peo­ple off the beach was a big part of his job. His team were called out Oreti Beach, at all hours, at least two to three times a week.From sedans to 4WDs, all man­ner of ve­hi­cles had fallen vic­tim to the sand dur­ing his six years on the job.

Once he was called out to tow a po­lice car that had come to the aid of some­one who got stuck.

In the end he had to tow both the po­lice car and the ve­hi­cle they had tried to help to safety.

With so many peo­ple get­ting suck on the beach, I can not help but ask ... is driv­ing on the beach re­ally that safe? Do you think there should be more rules in place for driv­ing on Oreti Beach?

- Joanna Grif­fiths

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