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I feel we South­landers have been a lit­tle cheated.

Af­ter a cold and mis­er­able sum­mer, we were promised a warm au­tumn. Well, that didn’t re­ally hap­pen, did it?

Granted we had a few sunny days at the be­gin­ning but they re­ally didn’t last.

Ev­ery time I step out­side of my house, all I can smell is chim­ney smoke and burn­ing coal. I was not sur­prised when I found out In­ver­cargill had al­ready ex­ceeded the daily Na­tional En­vi­ron­men­tal Stan­dards for air qual­ity.

Be­fore mov­ing to South­land, I didn’t even know peo­ple burnt coal any­more; I thought coal was some­thing peo­ple only used in steam trains.

It is hard to be en­vi­ron­men­tally con­scious when you are freez­ing your toosh off - but it is im­por­tant.

I’m not say­ing don’t heat your house - good­ness knows I would turn into a pop­si­cle with­out my house fire - I am say­ing, we need to start heat­ing our houses smartly.

- Joanna Grif­fiths

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