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My spuds have been chit­ting for a month, have sprouted nicely and are now ready to plant. In Lynda Hal­li­nan’s Pota­toes in Pots trial in the Au­gust is­sue of NZ Gar­dener, she rec­om­mends one seed potato per 10 litres of soil – or one bucket full. Lynda grew her trial pota­toes in 50cm tall x 40cm planter bags with drainage holes and re­in­forced rims con­tain­ing a 40-litre bag of grow­ing me­dia. I grow mine in a col­lec­tion of old re­cy­cling bins, ter­ra­cotta pots, grow bags and a half wine barrel. I’m also us­ing a Po­ta­toPot for the first time. The in­struc­tions rec­om­mend three seed pota­toes which seems a bit op­ti­mistic but I’ll give it a go. I’ve given up on ‘‘earth­ing up’’ be­cause it’s so fid­dly in pots and it’s easy to break the shoots. I cover the pot drainage holes with a piece of weed mat to stop the soil wash­ing out. Then I place the seed pota­toes on a layer of pot­ting mix around 5cm deep and fill each con­tainer to 5cm be­low the rim to al­low for wa­ter­ing. Leafy sprouts show at the sur­face sur­pris­ingly quickly. I add potato fer­tiliser as I’m usu­ally

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