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I was mis­taken if I thought I had a cou­ple of weeks up my sleeve be­fore I needed to start think­ing about mulch, be­cause just one week af­ter fill­ing our raised beds, our pre­cious and pricey or­ganic vege mix al­ready has a thin and crispy layer on top. Mulching is cru­cial for vege gar­dens in spring and sum­mer be­cause it slows down wa­ter loss through evap­o­ra­tion and sup­presses weeds (so they don’t hog all the re­sources your pre­cious plants need). Plants that are stressed by a lack of wa­ter are less pro­duc­tive and more likely to be mauled by suck­ing bugs like aphids and green shield bee­tles. Be­cause mulch breaks down over time, it adds or­ganic mat­ter to the soil too. We’re mulching with old fei­joa leaves that we put though a mulcher, but you can use with

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