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My car is my bub­ble and in­side itIam in­vis­i­ble to the out­side world.

Ex­cept sadly I’m not.

So if, hy­po­thet­i­cally, one of my dig­its was to get buried past the first knuckle in a nos­tril, like I was try­ing to ex­tract a kid­ney stone through there, whether they like it or not the gen­eral pub­lic does have to wit­ness this.

Sim­i­larly when I’m head back and singing my lungs out to Kenny Rogers this is also on full dis­play. Ac­tu­ally I’m not sure cars are very sound­proof so they prob­a­bly have to lis­ten to it as well.

And when my chil­dren get all an­i­mated and start point­ing and shout­ing at yel­low cars other mo­torists do gen­uinely look vis­i­bly alarmed.

I could be wrong about this but I think we all do it, so maybe there’s an un­der­stand­ing that tem­po­rary in­san­ity reigns when you have a car jour­ney to your­self.

So short of stick­ing to lonely back roads or get­ting the car reglazed with one-way mir­rors there’s no way round this.

Maybe the best way for­ward is for peo­ple to just look away if they see my car com­ing.

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