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Mark Moor­house contributed a con­ver­sa­tions piece for the Leader last week sup­port­ing a tun­nel op­tion over the South­ern Link. We put this on Neigh­bourly for your dis­cus­sion and this is what you had to say.

One word...COST!!! The com­bined pop­u­la­tion in the Nel­son/Tas­man re­gion is cur­rently less than 94000. How many ratepay­ers does that equate to com­pared to Welling­ton, Christchurch or Auck­land? think about how much each Nel­son ratepayer would have their rates in­creased by to pay for an ap­pro­pri­ate tun­nel???

Think about it! We keep look­ing for an­other op­tion...tun­nels have been brought up many times...along with the barges!...the so­lu­tion was de­cided on and planned more than 5 decades ago. Many of us re­mem­ber that fact. The many prop­er­ties that were then se­cured, the width of St Vin­cent Street and the re­lo­cat­ing of the fire and later the am­bu­lance sta­tion is tes­ta­ment to that.

The silent ma­jor­ity are still wait­ing...The an­swer is sit­ting right there in front of us...and we still keep look­ing...



Ah yes, the link. A sev­eral mil­lion dol­lar way of shunt­ing traf­fic prob­lems some­where else. Like say, cre­at­ing the need to four lane Glouces­ter St to cater for the 15 min­utes a day cram. All a Wil­liams, waste of money. Live/work some­where else if you can’t hack it, I say.

Tony Had­don, Maitai

I per­son­ally like the idea. Oth­er­wise the traf­fic con­ges­tion will only get worse with in­creas­ing pop­u­la­tion and mo­tor ve­hi­cles. As stated in the article think ahead 50 years, not 10 years. Dave God­man, Rich­mond Great idea but how does it get some trac­tion?

Ron Kolk, Hope

I agree with the tun­nel idea for heavy ve­hi­cles if it is tech­ni­cally do-able. I also love the idea of a ‘‘park and ride’’ sys­tem from the air­port into town. We are going to have an in­crease in traf­fic when the new air­port opens. Maybe in the near fu­ture there could be a light rail­way join­ing up with the ex­ist­ing Founders rail­way. Adding more roads for traf­fic and not think­ing about pub­lic trans­port is (and I quote) ‘‘like loos­en­ing the belt of an obese man’’... it just al­lows him to grow fat­ter but doesn’t ad­dress the real prob­lem.

Carolyn Sy­grove, The Brook It’s so tire­some to hear the ar­gu­ment that be­cause the south­ern link was first sug­gested fifty years ago we should go ahead with it.

Clear felling Nel­son prov­ince’s re­main­ing beech forests and re­plant­ing them with pine was also sug­gested about fifty years ago, as was a nu­clear power plant near Auck­land and the Hea­phy high­way. Should we push on with those ideas too?

Duncan David­son. Toitioi

A tun­nel would be great. Why not a toll till it’s paid off?

Penny Soulsby, Toi Toi

I’m re­ally pleased to see that pub­lic trans­port gets a men­tion in this article. It seems a log­i­cal part of the dis­cus­sion and, in my opin­ion, we could re­ally do with some much bet­ter ser­vices in Nel­son Tas­man.

Karyn White, Rich­mond

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