In­creas­ing word power


By three years old most chil­dren will be say­ing lots more words and you will no­tice that they use new words al­most daily.

This is an ex­cit­ing time and chil­dren will be ask­ing end­less ques­tions to help them learn and find out ev­ery­thing about their world.

They might use four words in a sen­tence (‘‘me want more milk’’) which en­ables them to play more with other chil­dren and join in with imag­i­na­tive games.

Three year olds un­der­stand a lot more of what is be­ing said to them and they can un­der­stand ques­tions that use the words what, who and where (but not why ques­tions, that comes later).

Their speech sounds may not be per­fectly clear but it should be clear enough for them to be un­der­stood by a fa­mil­iar adult, most of the time.

At this age read­ing sto­ries and singing songs be­comes even more fun and in­ter­ac­tive as three year olds love to have a good laugh.

Cather­ine Camp­bell is a spe­cial­ist speech lan­guage ther­a­pist with Nel­son Tas­man Kin­der­gartens

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