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What a crack­ing day out Dias de los Muer­tos was.

Peo­ple re­ally made an ef­fort and on bal­ance looked a whole lot bet­ter than you’d ex­pect from a bunch of the un­dead.

But it got the rusty cogs of my imag­i­na­tion slowly grind­ing into mo­tion.

When the zom­bie apoc­a­lypse does ar­rive where’s the best place to be?

Now I’m not the first to pon­der this. This weighs heav­ily on Jon Snow.

You could head to an is­land be­cause, as we all know, zom­bies can’t swim, but I’m prob­a­bly not re­source­ful enough to make that work.

My pick is a hard­ware store. Ad­mit­tedly it would take some pa­tience since you’d have to grow your own food, and you’d have to com­mit to a vege­tar­ian diet, but there’s plenty of va­ri­ety and plenty of gar­den tools/ weaponry.

I pitched the idea to the Game of Thrones pro­duc­ers as a pos­si­ble plot direc­tion, to which they po­litely replied that while it could work in the­ory there are no hard­ware stores in Wes­teros but good luck when the time comes.

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