Play­ing by the rules


Many of the prob­lem be­hav­iours that chil­dren are ex­hibit­ing in early child­hood cen­tres are a di­rect re­sult of the way they are be­ing par­ented at home.

Many chil­dren are strug­gling with hav­ing bound­aries and con­se­quences when at kinder­garten.

The way you par­ent is en­tirely your choice, but also ac­cept that chil­dren will learn about how to be­have while they are at kinder­garten and it is im­por­tant for you to sup­port this learn­ing.

Make it quite clear to your chil­dren what is ex­pected of them. They are ex­pected to do these things each day and be­have in this man­ner.

It is also re­ally im­por­tant that you fol­low through with the rules and if your child doesn’t do as ex­pected, then there will be a con­se­quence.

Chil­dren then be­gin to un­der­stand that if I do this, then this hap­pens. Start small by only hav­ing a few rules and ex­pected be­hav­iours then it is eas­ier for you as a par­ent to man­age.

Over the com­ing weeks, I’ll share some ideas of how im­por­tant dis­ci­pline is and other things you can do to help your child learn.

Brenda Holdaway is the Whanau Fa­cil­i­ta­tor at Nel­son Tas­man Kin­der­gartens.

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