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School sued over ‘hair bul­ly­ing’

A high school stu­dent is su­ing Osaka Pre­fec­ture for men­tal an­guish over re­peated in­sis­tence that she dye her nat­u­rally brown hair black in or­der to con­form with her school’s dress code. In junior high, she was forced to con­tin­u­ously dye her hair black. So, when it came time to en­ter high school, the plain­tiff’s mother tried to make ar­range­ments with her new school. Some Tokyo schools are said to have a sim­i­lar sys­tem wherein stu­dents can get a Nat­u­ral Hair Colour Cer­tifi­cate to con­firm that they aren’t dy­ing. How­ever, af­ter classes be­gan at the new school, the plain­tiff be­gan get­ting warn­ings from teach­ers who were en­forc­ing the school’s no-dye/no-bleach pol­icy. In the past, the re­peated dye jobs the plain­tiff’s hair had be­come brit­tle and a rash de­vel­oped on her scalp. She was also pro­hib­ited from tak­ing part in school festivals and field trips un­til she con­formed and dyed her hair. Dur­ing one “warn­ing” a teacher asked, “Is it be­cause you have a sin­gle mother, that you al­ways change your hair colour to brown?” Fi­nally the warn­ings be­came an ul­ti­ma­tum: She had to dye her hair or leave. She is su­ing the Osaka Pre­fec­tural gov­ern­ment for ¥2.2 mil­lion ($28,000) in dam­ages for what her lawyers say amounts to sys­tem­atic and in­sti­tu­tion­alised “bul­ly­ing”.

News Nos­tal­gia from 1953

“Teenagers have for­got­ten the gold­fish-swal­low­ing fad which swept the US a few years back, but they’ve started an­other one which is giv­ing restau­rant own­ers a headache. The new fad re­quires some drink­ing straws, choco­late syrup and a bit of wind power. A restau­rant ceil­ing can be eas­ily ‘re­dec­o­rated’ by dip­ping the straw’s tis­sue cas­ing into syrup and shoot­ing it like a blow­gun up into the air.”

Daily fail­ures

What is the most ev­ery­day ob­ject you’ve seen some­one hi­lar­i­ously fail try­ing to use?

One guy at a breakfast buf­fet got to the ba­con tray. He took a pair of tongs and held them back­wards — with the end you’re sup­posed to grab ba­con with in his hand. He pinched it closed so only a slit was left in be­tween the two rods and was try­ing to slide the ba­con in be­tween.

Saw some­one try­ing to sta­ple some pages to­gether without a sta­pler. Just go­ing at it with a sin­gle sta­ple in hand.

Back in the 90s when I tried to show my mother how to use my home PC. She picked up the mouse and pointed it at the screen like a re­mote con­trol. (Source: AskRed­dit)

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You had one job . . . Barry spot­ted a gas line metal cover partly cov­ered by hot mix in View Road, Glen­field.

A pep-talk­ing wine la­bel.

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