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Hora Hora Pri­mary School prin­ci­pal Pat New­man says call­ing po­lice or ex­clu­sion of volatile pupils only op­tion for North­land schools


ex­clude them

I agree. That’s the safest op­tion as it could just end up in a sit­u­a­tion where it’s the teacher’s word against a stu­dent and that mightn’t end well un­for­tu­nately. How does the teacher prove they had the stu­dent’s best in­ter­ests at heart? It’s a tough one.

It’s go­ing to take rad­i­cal and ridicu­lous ac­tion. When po­lice be­come so busy and par­ents are miss­ing days off work, maybe ev­ery­one will get over their stu­pid­ity. In some schools they nearly need an of­fi­cer on site all the time.

Could end bad, re­tal­ia­tory against school . . . van­dal­ism or worse.

Ex­clude them then what? Not help­ing the over­all prob­lem. I un­der­stand schools can’t deal with it, just so sad youth are wast­ing their lives away.

need more prin­ci­pals to start tak­ing this ac­tion send them home for the par­ents to deal with no­ti­fi­ca­tion to Oranga Ta­mariki

At my kid’s school our prin­ci­pal puts the kids in her car and takes them home. ‘We’re gut­ted’: Jono and Ben gets the axe af­ter seven years

They were good, un­til they went to the Edge. Ev­ery­thing changed about them.

Well I, for one, am not so ‘gut­ted’.

The skits with the Glo­ri­avale girl, the fo­cus group and An­gela just needed to stop, and they needed to go back to Fri­days. Army is the show that re­ally needs to go! Love these guys, but was never as good as Jonoand Be­natTen was. They had more free­dom then. Was hi­lar­i­ous and un­scripted. Stopped watch­ing when it moved to ‘fam­ily’ view­ing times.

A real shame. They have had some great mo­ments. Me­dia works does have to take some ac­count­abil­ity, why change the for­mat, day and time if it works? End of the week was so much bet­ter.

I watched them ev­ery Fri­day night last year with my dad but when they changed it to Thurs­day it be­came in­con­ve­nient and when it aired I wasn’t with him. Love the show, gonna miss it!

Should al­ways have stayed at 10. Should have stayed JonoandBe­natTen it was so much bet­ter.

Was bet­ter on Fri­day night at 10. Con­tent went down hill once time slot changed.

The boys were way more watch­able than The Bach­e­lor, Mar­riedatFirstSight etc.

Bye boys: Ben Boyce (left) and Jono Pryor at last year’s New Zealand Tele­vi­sion Awards.

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