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The fear­some­ness of these great white sharks is a man-ade ma­nia.

Very few at­tacks caus­ing death or in­juries re­sult from sharks, un­like death and in­juries from dog at­tacks, road ac­ci­dents, sport­ing ac­tiv­i­ties, or daily liv­ing with vi­o­lence and mur­ders.

Most coun­tries around the world have dangers from sharks, lions, bears, snakes, and many other things, so one must al­ways re­mem­ber we share this planet with other crea­tures, and need to show them re­spect, as they have their pur­pose, even if we can­not un­der­stand.

They are part of our fauna and flora, just like our eco-sys­tem, so we should treat all with re­spect and be re­spon­si­ble our­selves. JOHN BAS­SETT

Dig­gers’ Val­ley Puanga Matariki, Orion, Pleiades star con­stel­la­tion, as a pub­lic holiday, stat­ing that ma¯ori nav­i­gated by these stars.

Ma¯ori never nav­i­gated here. The early ones were brought out here by the Chi­nese.

How could they know any­thing about nav­i­ga­tion? To nav­i­gate you had to have some place to nav­i­gate to.

If you need to make a day to cel­e­brate, why not some­thing closer to home, like Queen Vic­to­ria’s Royal Char­ter Novem­ber 16, 1840, which is our true found­ing doc­u­ment and first con­sti­tu­tion. This im­por­tant doc­u­ment has been ig­nored for over 173 years.

The day we should all cel­e­brate a holiday as our In­de­pen­dence Day, May 3, when New Zealand be­came a Bri­tish colony with its own gover­nor and its own gov­ern­ment un­der one flag and one law, in­stead of some star sys­tem a mil­lion light years away. IAN BROUGHAM

Wan­ganui The in­de­fati­ga­ble mem­bers of Women’s Grey Power, O¯ ta­matea, again re­veal their dis­po­si­tion for mak­ing out­ra­geous false claims (June 7) upon which to base their loopy pro­pos­als, at the same time ex­ploit­ing and abus­ing your un­usual com­mit­ment to free speech.

It is those who tell lies or dis­tort the truth who give free speech a bad name, and pro­vide ea­gerly grasped val­i­da­tion to those, such as our fem­i­nist (main­stream) me­dia, who would im­pose Or­wellian con­trols.

In this in­stance, the ladies claim boldly (that’s been proven to be the most ef­fec­tive way to de­ter doubt) that New Zealand’s im­pris­on­ment rate is the high­est in the world on a per capita ba­sis. In fact, very quick in­ter­net re­search in­forms us that World Prison Brief puts us at 61st in the world, and Wikipedia puts us in 69th place. Please, ladies.

Nonethe­less, the ladies could well be right in so far as our crim­i­nals come out of our prisons worse than when they go in. That’s not a rea­son to leave them on the streets to con­tinue their vile crimes; that’s a com­men­tary on the ap­palling state of our prisons.

As the ladies in­ti­mate, our prisons have be­come lit­tle more than gang estab­lish­ments, where the younger and less hard­ened are groomed to be­come much harder. There is a quite easy so­lu­tion which is not new, and has been pro­posed since at least the 1960s. But that was when the in­flu­ence of the Left be­gan to grow, and so that so­lu­tion has never been al­lowed to cir­cu­late freely.

It is sim­ply that all prison sen­tences for vi­o­lent crime should be served in soli­tary con­fine­ment.

Such con­fine­ment would need to be only rel­a­tively short, given its high de­ter­rent ef­fect. And it has the ob­vi­ous ben­e­fit of keep­ing vi­o­lent, vi­cious crim­i­nals sep­a­rated. LEO LEITCH Ben­ney­dale

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