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I re­cently house/dog­gie sat for some friends who went to Raro­tonga for a wed­ding. As a thank you, they brought me back two 50 gram pouches of Drum to­bacco. They paid $15 for each packet in Raro.

Yes­ter­day, I was in my lo­cal to­bac­conist and asked the price of a 50 gram packet of Drum. The an­swer, $93. EACH. That’s $186 for two pack­ets of to­bacco! Yeeeekkksss! Is it any won­der dairy own­ers are be­ing robbed and beaten? That’s a ridicu­lous amount of money in taxes! And to think this cur­rent Gov­ern­ment in­tends on keep­ing those taxes, as is. The no smok­ing lobby needs a kick up the back­side. Be­tween them and the Maori Party (what’s left of it) they will never stop peo­ple smok­ing. Some maybe, but cer­tainly not all. They are dream­ers and trou­ble-mak­ers (they are cre­at­ing or invit­ing trou­ble). Not un­like the idiots who think they are go­ing to make New Zealand pest-free by 2050.

That is a joke! They can’t even keep the milk in­dus­try free of dis­eases and dumb losses.

No won­der the Maori Party went un­der. Who in their right mind is go­ing to sup­port a party that pro­motes such heavy taxes on the poor and not so well off cit­i­zens of this coun­try?

I grow, dry, process and shred my own to­bacco. My only costs are pa­per and fil­ters. My sym­pa­thy to those with­out the where­withal to do the same.


us jobs at hay­mak­ing or shear­ing, pay­ing real money, bet­ter than Mum’s pocket money.

Nowa­days chil­dren are not al­lowed to do that sort of work. It has to be done by con­trac­tors with big ma­chines, and the rate of re­turn on cap­i­tal cal­cu­lated by ac­coun­tants who wouldn’t know a bale hook if it fell on their head.

So what has cor­rupted the moral com­pass? Garbage TV? Junk ‘food’? Or is this just the in­creased leisure we were promised by the au­to­ma­tion of in­dus­try?

The wis­dom of Solomon and the Duke of Zhou might be too old and dusty for some. A newer prophet, James Love­lock, wrote 50 years ago in his ‘Gaia Hy­poth­e­sis’ (para­phras­ing), when this planet is sick and tired of the hu­man race she will cough them up and spit them out.



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