Guard geese make a yolk of thieves

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This is no flight of fancy. Avocado grower Kazel Cass, of Bay of Plenty, has a feather in his cap for this one. Tak­ing a gan­der at a story in this pub­li­ca­tion about thieves steal­ing fruit straight from the trees, Kazel got out his quill and this piece of ad­vice winged its way to us:

I have a flock of geese guard­ing my or­chard and their ben­e­fits in­clude: • They eat a lot of grass, and turn it into ma­nure, re­duc­ing the

need to mow con­sid­er­ably.

I have flight­less Se­bastapol geese, so they can be kept in with a wire fence.

They don’t re­quire any sup­ple­men­tary feed­ing as long as there is grass.

They are not poi­soned by av­o­ca­dos, un­like most other live­stock. They don’t scratch or dam­age the avocado roots.

They are great to eat, and will hatch up to eight chicks a year per breed­ing cou­ple.

But the big­gest bonus is:

They make great guard an­i­mals es­pe­cially since their nest­ing sea­son co­in­cides with the avocado sea­son. They make one heck of a racket if peo­ple go in the or­chard, and can be pretty fierce.

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