Grochem and Unicef raise $92,000 for clean wa­ter and san­i­ta­tion in Van­u­atu

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The rapid growth in the ki­wifruit and pipfruit sec­tors has meant grow­ers have had to seek more staff for har­vest. Many of these work­ers are part of the Recog­nised Sea­sonal Em­ployer (RSE) scheme. They travel from over­seas to work in New Zealand dur­ing these de­mand­ing times.

A large pro­por­tion of these work­ers come from Van­u­atu which was dev­as­tated by Cy­clone Pam two years ago. Grochem recog­nised an op­por­tu­nity to make a dif­fer­ence for these peo­ple and their fam­i­lies.

With the sup­port of Unicef, Grochem has raised a to­tal of $92,000 to­wards a clean wa­ter and san­i­ta­tion project for 10,000 school-aged chil­dren in Van­u­atu. In­spired by the fungi­cide pro­ducer who makes Nor­dox, Grochem raised $18,400 of the final to­tal through sales of the prod­uct here in New Zealand. Along with Grochem and Unicef’s ef­forts, the New Zealand gov­ern­ment con­trib­uted ad­di­tional funds to the cam­paign.

Grochem gen­eral man­ager Grant Mor­rish said the work­ers that leave their fam­i­lies and homes for such a long pe­riod of time pro­vide a great ben­e­fit to our grow­ers in New Zealand, and Grochem is in­vested in giv­ing back.

“We be­gan our search to find dif­fer­ent ways to pro­vide sup­port to Van­u­atu and it wasn’t long be­fore we found Unicef. Unicef was pro­mot­ing a large-scale five-year project for Van­u­atu to pro­vide clean wa­ter and san­i­ta­tion to 157 schools in the Pen­ema re­gion. Af­ter dis­cussing with Unicef, we be­gan shap­ing the Nor­dox cam­paign to sup­port this project.”

Mr Mor­rish said Unicef had in­di­cated that the New Zealand gov­ern­ment was also look­ing to sup­port the project. “Once Unicef heard about the money we had raised, it was able to con­firm that the New Zealand gov­ern­ment would con­trib­ute an­other $4 to ev­ery $1 we had made for the project. We re­ally want to thank Grochem, Nor­dox, mer­chant stores and es­pe­cially the grow­ers who pur­chased Nor­dox, for sup­port­ing this cam­paign and mak­ing it the suc­cess that it has been. What a won­der­ful out­come for all


Nor­dox (Cupru­ous Ox­ide) is a dis­ease con­trol so­lu­tion for var­i­ous hor­ti­cul­ture crops and a lead sell­ing prod­uct for Grochem. It’s made us­ing the high­est qual­ity cop­per un­der strict en­vi­ron­men­tal con­di­tions. The sup­plier of

Nor­dox does sim­i­lar char­i­ta­ble work in Africa.

Grochem is a lead­ing sup­plier of in­no­va­tive, sus­tain­able prod­ucts for grow­ers in­clud­ing plant nu­tri­tion, in­sec­ti­cides, fungi­cides and plant growth reg­u­la­tors. It works with in­no­va­tive, in­de­pen­dent sci­en­tists and re­searchers to de­velop prod­ucts that are ef­fec­tive while be­ing en­vi­ron­men­tally sus­tain­able.

To con­tinue to sup­port the great work Grochem is do­ing, you can pur­chase Nor­dox at lead­ing re­tail­ers.

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