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The Press - Your Weekend (The Press) - - Front Page - By Tsz Kwan Au from Hong Kong, from WOW 2012. Photo: Lind­say Adler.

In her col­umn this week, Amie Richard­son pledges to break up with su­gar. Then, in a re­ally mean twist of fate, a few pages later (p14), we serve up three of the most deca­dent su­gar-laden dessert recipes you could dream of, in­fused with all sorts of in­dul­gent temp­ta­tion, namely dark cho­co­late, ca­cao nibs and tof­fee. How nice of us!

This was not a pre­med­i­tated con­spir­acy to sab­o­tage Amie’s new su­gar-free stance, I prom­ise, but it does re­flect the state of play when it comes to our favourite drug: su­gar. It is all around us, and as soon as you vow to give it up, it’s right there in your face to taunt you. Even on the pages of the magazine you write for (sorry Amie!).

I think we all have a love/hate re­la­tion­ship with su­gar, of sorts. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, su­gar has now been de­monised to the point where all “good” food is ei­ther su­gar-free or guilt­free or gluten-free or fat-free. This puts guilt, fat, gluten and su­gar in the same naughty camp – eat su­gar and you feel guilty. All this does is add fuel to the fire of the bil­lion-dol­lar su­gar ad­ver­tis­ing ma­chine, push­ing “healthy” break­fast ce­re­als, “low su­gar” yo­ghurt, “su­gar-free” muesli bars with “nat­u­ral” co­conut su­gar in them – so is that healthy or un­healthy? No won­der we’re so confused!

As a mother, it’s a mine­field. Su­gar is a tricky, sticky map to nav­i­gate with kids. But there’s no way my son is go­ing to miss out on the treats I so fondly re­mem­ber – lick­ing cho­co­late cake mix out of the bowl and trips to Mr Whippy in sum­mer. Page 5.

Wear­able art:

Art as clothes. Clothes as art. It’s been 30 years since the first World of Wear­ableart Awards show was con­ceived in Nel­son and what an in­cred­i­ble evo­lu­tion it’s been. WOW wows us from Septem­ber 21-October 8.


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