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They say the great­est trick the devil ever pulled was con­vinc­ing the world he doesn’t ex­ist, but I dis­agree. I’m pretty sure it was con­vinc­ing us acne is only for teenagers.

With any luck, your skin will have calmed down some­what since high school. That’s cold com­fort, though, when you wake up with a breakout tak­ing over your chin. Here’s how to cope.


While some pim­ples re­ally do ar­rive out of nowhere, if you can feel it com­ing, act quickly. That lit­tle red bump that might be noth­ing? It needs a spot treat­ment and it needs it now. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to leave it overnight and hope for the best come morn­ing, but ei­ther way, get that on there. Der­ma­log­ica Breakout Con­trol ($83) is ex­cel­lent, as is Mario Bade­scu Dry­ing Lo­tion ($26) and Manuka Doc­tor Api­clear Blem­ish Cream ($18).


This advice comes di­rect from Lisa Eldridge, who’s lit­er­ally one of the best makeup artists in the world. On Youtube, she says the thing to do is fo­cus on the good skin you have that isn’t break­ing out. “I try to em­bel­lish that skin, and make it look as nat­u­ral and beau­ti­ful as pos­si­ble,” she says, ex­plain­ing that in that way, your full face of makeup will look lighter. You don’t need to pack on cov­er­age all over your face to cover acne that’s on 10 per cent of it.

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