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A tasty, pro­tein-packed cooked break­fast is a great way to be­gin the day– and if you fancy a sleep-in, just make it brunch, says NZ House & Gar­den Food Ed­i­tor Sally But­ters. CHED­DAR & CHIVE FLUFFY OMELETTE BA­CON & EGG BREAK­FAST BURG­ERS

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Beat­ing the egg whites separately from the yolks en­sures a light, airy omelette. The ham is an op­tional ex­tra, or you could add chorizo or smoked salmon for a change.

For each omelette:

2 eggs, sep­a­rated 2 ta­ble­spoons cream 1 tea­spoon chopped chives 2 ta­ble­spoons grated ched­dar 2 thin slices pro­sciutto or parma ham

Grease or spray a sin­gle-serve omelette pan and place over medium heat.

In a medium bowl, whisk to­gether egg yolks, cream and chives and sea­son with salt.

In a sep­a­rate bowl, whisk egg whites to soft peaks. Fold whites into yolks.

Pour mix­ture into heated pan and let set­tle a minute then gen­tly move the out­side egg into the cen­tre, let­ting the liq­uid egg move to the sides. When you feel the egg is half-cooked, stop

We used eye ba­con (smaller, leaner rash­ers of mid­dle ba­con) but th­ese burg­ers would also work well with split grilled sausages or warm ham off the bone. You could also try adding a few slices of av­o­cado or sautéed por­to­bello mush­rooms.

Vine toma­toes in bunches (enough to serve 6) 2 ta­ble­spoons bal­samic vine­gar 1 ta­ble­spoon brown sugar 2-3 small sprigs rose­mary 6 English muffins, pulled apart 12-18 slices rind­less eye ba­con (we used Free­dom Farms) 6 eggs About 1 cup rocket leaves 1 ta­ble­spoon whole­grain mus­tard 1 tea­spoon liq­uid honey 1 cup hol­landaise sauce (we used Kato brand)

Heat oven to 180-200C. Toss toma­toes with vine­gar, brown sugar and rose­mary leaves and roast 10-12 min­utes un­til just burst­ing. (Or cut larger toma­toes in half and cook 5-8 min­utes in a fry­ing pan or pre­heated oven un­til juicy and start­ing to caramelise.)

Toast muffins un­til golden and keep warm. mov­ing the egg and let it set­tle on the base to cre­ate a golden crust. Top with cheese and lay ham over, if us­ing.

Serve omelette straight from the pan or flip in half and turn out onto a warmed plate. Serves 1 Fry or bake ba­con un­til crisp and cooked to your lik­ing.

Fry eggs in a lit­tle ba­con fat left in the pan and cover for 1 minute to set yolks (or poach the eggs if pre­ferred).

To serve, fill each muf­fin with ba­con slices, an egg and some rocket leaves and driz­zle over com­bined mus­tard, honey and hol­landaise. Serve with the roasted toma­toes on the side.

CORNED BEEF & HASH CAKES WITH HOME­MADE TOMATO SAUCE This is a riff of that tra­di­tional Bri­tish break­fast fry-up, corned beef hash – al­beit some­what “ti­dier” and with home-cooked beef in­stead of the tinned stuff, so you’ll need to plan ahead a bit for this break­fast.

1 piece corned beef, about 1kg 2 ta­ble­spoons bal­samic vine­gar 2 ta­ble­spoons brown sugar 6 whole cloves 2 star anise 6 black pep­per­corns

6 medium pota­toes 40g but­ter ¼ leek, finely sliced 1 stalk cel­ery, finely sliced 2 ta­ble­spoons chopped pars­ley 1 egg Oil for shal­low fry­ing

400g can diced toma­toes 1 clove gar­lic, crushed 1 tea­spoon fresh thyme leaves 1 ta­ble­spoon brown sugar 1 ta­ble­spoon Worcestershire sauce 1 ta­ble­spoon sweet chilli sauce

Beef: Place corned beef in a large saucepan and three-quar­ters cover with wa­ter. Add vine­gar, sugar, and spices, bring to the boil then re­duce heat and sim­mer cov­ered for 1½ hours. Re­move lid, turn meat over and cook a fur­ther 30 min­utes un­cov­ered. Re­move from stock and let cool. Slice across the grain to serve.

Hash cakes: Peel pota­toes and cut into even-sized pieces. Boil in salted wa­ter for 20-30 min­utes un­til ten­der. Drain thor­oughly and mash coarsely.

Heat but­ter in a fry­ing pan and saute leek and cel­ery un­til soft­ened. Add sauteed veg­eta­bles and but­ter to mashed potato and stir in pars­ley and egg. Sea­son well with salt and pep­per. Shape into about 12 cakes and fry in hot for about 5 min­utes on each side un­til golden and set.

Tomato sauce: Com­bine all in­gre­di­ents in a medium saucepan and sim­mer 5-8 min­utes un­til re­duced and saucy. Sea­son the sauce to taste and al­low to cool.

Serve sliced beef with hot hash cakes and the tomato sauce. Serves 6

Jo Wil­cox Recipes & food styling: Styling: Claudia Kozub Pho­to­graphs: Kieran Scott

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