Pars­ley omelette sand­wiches

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Serves 2, be­low left Th­ese fill­ings are es­pe­cially nice on a baguette, but toasted or grilled bread works well. Al­ter­na­tively, you can omit the bread and serve the omelettes folded over or rolled up around dol­lops of ri­cotta, with the pars­ley salad spooned over the top. The recipe dou­bles eas­ily. For the eggs and sand­wiches 4 large eggs 1⁄ tsp fine sea salt

4 1⁄ cup packed, finely chopped flat-leaf pars­ley

4 4 slices bread from a crusty, coun­try-style loaf 2 tsp olive oil, plus more for brush­ing the bread 1⁄ cup ri­cotta cheese

4 For the salad 1⁄ cup packed, sliced flat-leaf pars­ley leaves

4 1⁄ cup pit­ted, chopped green olives

4 1 tsp fresh lemon juice 1 tsp olive oil Freshly ground black pep­per (op­tional) For the eggs and sand­wiches: Crack 2 eggs each into two bowls, and use a fork to beat well. Di­vide the salt and pars­ley evenly be­tween the bowls. Brush each side of the sliced bread with a lit­tle oil; toast un­til just barely golden. Mean­while, heat a 19cm pan over medium heat. Add 1 tea­spoon of the oil and swirl to coat the sur­face. Once the oil is hot, pour in half of the egg-pars­ley mix­ture (one bowl’s worth), which should be­gin to bub­ble im­me­di­ately. Tilt the pan as needed so the eggs cook in an even, thin layer; use a spat­ula to gen­tly lift the outer edges of the egg so any un­cooked parts can flow un­derneath. Once the egg has set, use a wide spat­ula to gen­tly flip them over. Cook for just a few sec­onds, un­til set on the sec­ond side. Trans­fer to a plate; re­peat with the re­main­ing tea­spoon of oil and the re­main­ing egg mix­ture. For the salad: Just be­fore as­sem­bling the sand­wiches, com­bine the sliced pars­ley with the olives, squeeze over 1 tea­spoon of lemon juice, driz­zle with the oil and toss to com­bine. Cut the egg into pieces or strips that will ap­prox­i­mately cover the bread slices in two lay­ers. Spread the ri­cotta on the bot­tom piece of bread for each sand­wich and top equally with the egg pieces or strips. Spoon the pars­ley-olive salad equally over each por­tion of the egg. Sprin­kle a few grinds of black pep­per over the salad, if de­sired, then top each sand­wich with its re­main­ing slice of bread.

Pars­ley salad

6 serv­ings, blow right Gem or but­ter let­tuces are a great match for this tart dress­ing, but any­thing in the chicory fam­ily such as curly en­dive and frisee would also pair well. If you pre­fer, fresh lemon juice can be sub­sti­tuted for the grape­fruit. Leaves from a large (400g) gem let­tuce 1⁄ cup packed flat-leaf pars­ley leaves

2 2 Tbsp finely chopped shal­lot 2 Tbsp fresh grape­fruit juice 1⁄ tsp flaked sea salt, or more as needed

2 31⁄ Tbsp ex­tra-vir­gin olive oil

2 1⁄ tsp freshly ground black pep­per

8 100g aged sheep’s cheese, such as pecorino. Rinse the let­tuce and pars­ley in a large bowl of cold wa­ter. Drain, dry and place in a mix­ing bowl. Com­bine the shal­lot, grape­fruit juice and salt in a small bowl; let stand for 10 to 15 min­utes. Whisk in the oil; sea­son with pep­per to taste. Pour the dress­ing over the let­tuce and pars­ley. Use your hands to gen­tly toss the salad, mak­ing sure the greens are evenly coated. Taste a leaf for salt and pep­per, and ad­just the sea­son­ing as needed. Di­vide among in­di­vid­ual plates. Break the cheese into chunks or use a veg­etable peeler to shave light shards of cheese over each por­tion.

Pars­ley oil

2 bunches flat-leaf pars­ley 150ml ex­tra-vir­gin olive oil 100ml grape­seed oil Sea salt and pep­per To make the herb oil, chop off and dis­card the heav­ier stalks, leav­ing you with about 150g of leaves. Blanch the leaves for 20 sec­onds in a large pot of boil­ing wa­ter, then re­move and plunge im­me­di­ately into a bowl of ice-cold wa­ter. Drain well, squeeze dry and roughly chop. Whiz the herbs in a blender with the oils, sea salt and pep­per. Strain overnight through damp­ened muslin or a pa­per cof­fee fil­ter set in­side a fun­nel (with­out stir­ring or rush­ing it) and use within seven days. Driz­zle over lamb, chicken or fish, or serve with a salad of mixed coloured toma­toes, buf­falo moz­zarella, basil leaves and a scat­ter­ing of cracked wheat, soaked in hot wa­ter for 30 min­utes un­til ten­der and drained.

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