Shop­ping for your shape

Mea­sur­ing up in jeans when your body shape is a rec­tan­gle.

The Press - Zest - - Dress - By Stephanie Rum­ble

Shops are fill­ing with au­tumn fash­ions and the weather has been more con­ducive to merino than maxi dresses. It is time to start plan­ning your win­ter pur­chases and my two top tips for dress­ing well are to buy colours that suit you and styles that flat­ter your shape.

For the rec­tan­gle body shape cre­at­ing curves is your ob­jec­tive. Your bust, waist and hip mea­sure­ments are very sim­i­lar which can make you look square. Any weight gain will be spread through the torso area with lit­tle go­ing on the legs or bot­tom. Of­ten, a rec­tan­gle has slim legs and hips. To work out whether you are a rec­tan­gle or not run a tape mea­sure around the bust, waist and hip and if there is a 5cm-10cm dif­fer­ence you are most likely in this group. For those who have passed menopause you may have be­come more of a rec­tan­gle with age. Our waist­lines thicken as our hor­mones re-ad­just – I still haven’t worked out why!


Gar­ments that give the il­lu­sion of hour­glass and dis­guise your straighter shape will be best. You are a great jeans/pants woman and will of­ten have lovely legs so can choose from the pat­terned and coloured op­tions avail­able. Also, you will also find a fit­ted jacket flat­ters you and gives you shape.


If you are heavy in the stomach then avoid waist seams or belts as they draw at­ten­tion to a heavy mid-sec­tion and feel un­com­fort­able. (Al­though slim­mer rec­tan­gles can wear both op­tions). Also, avoid shape­less shift dresses as they can ac­cen­tu­ates your body shape – you will look bet­ter in a dress with ver­ti­cal seams and a flared skirt.


Pat­terned or coloured trousers worn with flat to medium-heeled shoes/boots will in­crease the ap­par­ent length of your legs. Add a semi-fit­ted top and you will look fan­tas­tic. STEPHANIE RUM­BLE


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