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1. They stop one go­ing far­ther, by statute (11) 8. Gain upon one in thor­ough in­spec­tion and re­pair (8) 9. Is will­ing for a bit of fun (4) 10. How to in­dent for a re­li­gious fra­ter­nity (5) 13. Let a story be wo­ven of it (4) 16. One will study a sym­bol on the graphic dis­play (4) 17. It is just the place for swings and round­abouts (4) 18. A strong de­sire ev­i­dent in our gen­er­a­tion (4) 20. A sol­dier will not be able to stay dry (5) 24. Trim end of capon and con­sume it (4) 25. How it lingers around the time of stan­dard English money (8) 26. En­ter­tain­ment for me rep can pro­vide (11)


2. It may oc­cur to one that it’s less than per­fect (4) 3. Clear mat­ter out for the choir (5) 4. A god­dess such as Clio may di­vert one (5) 5. Should be pur­chased with­out a top (5) 6. An es­sen­tial part for one rep­re­sented by MP (11) 7. Go to Rome: Ely will sort out the weather study (11) 11. Waste mat­ter is so up­set­ting when doc­tors are around (5) 12. A show one will be a critic of, one is told (5) 14. Is not there forth­with (4) 15. How one may yearn for it to be ex­tended (4) 19. Sort of ap­ple that’s not a cooker (5) 21. Art we use in or­der to di­lute it (5) 22. It comes from the heart of what road hold-up there is (5) 23. Some bal­lad is com­mit­ted to record (4)

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