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5-minute quiz

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1. What his­toric event hap­pened at Man­ganuioteao, be­tween Ohakune and Na­tional Park, in 1908?

2. The Tampa Bay Rays play which sport?

3. Which celebrity cook and food writer was a co-founder of the home-de­liv­ery meal ser­vice My Food Bag?

4. Com­plete the ti­tle of a hit song by Paul Si­mon: Fifty Ways to ...

5. In the New Zealand Par­lia­ment, what is the ti­tle of the of­fi­cial who sits di­rectly in front of the Speaker?

6. Au fond du tem­ple saint is a fa­mous male duet fromwhich opera by Bizet?

7. New Zealan­ders Jeff Bell, Sharon Mur­doch, Gar­rick Tre­main and Chris Slane at­tained promi­nence as what?

8. King Farouk was the ruler of which Mid­dle Eastern coun­try?

9. Who would be most likely to use the word ral­len­tando: a chef, a mu­si­cian or a bal­let dancer?

10. The TV se­ries Miss Fisher’s Mur­der Mys­ter­ies is set in what city?

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