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It takes one

- New Zealand · South Island · United States of America · Reefton

It takes just the first per­son with Covid-19, but asymp­to­matic, trav­el­ling on pub­lic trans­port – with no mask – to start the next clus­ter (check out the De­fence Force em­ployee and his story). The virus is in­vis­i­ble. Fortress NZ, and in this in­stance Fortress South Is­land (Hans An­der­sen, Nov 24), is only there be­cause peo­ple are aware, take pre­cau­tions, wear masks on pub­lic trans­port and are ex­tremely for­tu­nate to be liv­ing be­hind a wide moat, but pri­mar­ily be­cause we are blessed with po­lit­i­cal lead­er­ship that is in­formed by the ex­perts.

This is not Jacinda be­ing an Aunty. This is in­formed on ad­vice from the same sci­en­tists that have guided NZ to the place it is now. This is a deadly dis­ease that has, con­ser­va­tively, in­fected 60 mil­lion and claimed the lives of 1.4 mil­lion glob­ally.

Wear­ing a mask is an easy thing to do with all the other easy things we are asked to do. If Hans de­clines to wear a mask, then take a plane to the US where they don’t wear masks so much.

Ju­lian Shorten, Reefton

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