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Happy to be stupid

- New Zealand · Rangiora

A note to Hans An­der­sen: I’m happy to be called stupid for wear­ing a mask on an air­craft, if it means that I am re­duc­ing the chances of in­fect­ing oth­ers or be­ing in­fected with Sars-CoV-2, which leads to Covid-19. Hav­ing re­cently had a nasty virus, with a Covid-19 test be­ing neg­a­tive, hav­ing my brain tick­led was no joke! For­tu­nately for New Zealand, we do not have a Trumpian-style prime min­is­ter who knows ev­ery­thing but noth­ing, and in­stead Ms Ardern re­lies on the ad­vice of sci­en­tists as to how to com­bat this vi­cious dis­ease. In her role as the leader of this coun­try, she in­forms rather than tells us what we should be do­ing. It is only be­cause there will be peo­ple who have no com­punc­tion about en­forc­ing what they call their ‘‘rights’’ that wear­ing masks in con­fined spa­ces on pub­lic trans­port needs to be legally man­dated for the greater good of all.

Michael Gous­mett, Ran­giora

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