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- New York City · Virginia · King George, Virginia

ACROSS 1. Cut top off hedge and fas­ten it metal­li­cally (5) 4. Parts of ten­nis match not up to scratch as one starts (4,3) 8. Sup­porter sat back with con­vul­sive move­ment, quite dream­like (9) 9. Thanks to the right, it’s black (3) 10. Break tin and be im­po­lite so to thrust one­self in (7) 12. Part of foot one will move very slowly (4) 14. One left Pict free and easy in­side what is ideal (7) 17. Money put up when one dined around the North (4) 18. Up­bring­ing owes much to nurse: true, it is adapted (7) 20. Sign of cool­ness pleas­ant if not be­gun (3) 21. It put deal out say­ing it’s trite (9) 23. Fig­ures look like anaes­thet­ics (7) 24. King Ge­orge to dine on what is su­per (5)

DOWN 1. Iron Great Fire melted down with the op­po­site ef­fect (13) 2. In New York it fol­lows Vir­ginia for self-ap­pre­ci­a­tion (6) 3. Swaps Union­ist Con­ser­va­tive lead­ers within as one ca­lum­ni­ates (8) 4. One doesn’t stand as can­di­date – and will do so if suc­cess­ful (3) 5. To sail against the wind is some­thing that has point (4) 6. Go up and hold pint spilled when sud­denly tak­ing it (6) 7. Mean­while, what is money used as do­na­tion-wise? (3,3,7) 11. The Span­ish take a bit of fish like a fairy (5) 13. Is mak­ing its mark, fright­en­ing one right in­side (8) 15. Blood’s course one might be able to mas­ter (6) 16. Time to come when Ute fur is ruf­fled (6) 19. When sur­round­ing pul­pit-top, East spells the end of church (4) 22. Girl go­ing top­less is a fool­ish per­son (3)

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