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Fore­man to Tyson: It’s in­san­ity

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Ge­orge Fore­man has likened Mike Tyson’s box­ing come­back to ‘‘tem­po­rary’’ in­san­ity and is­sued a stark warn­ing ahead of this week­end’s fight in Cal­i­for­nia.

For­mer heavy­weight cham­pion Tyson, 54, takes on for­mer multi-di­vi­sional cham­pion Roy Jones Jnr, 51, in an ex­hi­bi­tion fight on Sun­day that has cap­tured the at­ten­tion of the fight world.

‘‘It’s tem­po­rary in­san­ity,’’ Fore­man said of mak­ing a re­turn to ac­tion like Tyson’s.

‘‘I liken it to a guy who wants to get on a boat and go out to sea. It seems like so much fun, so peace­ful, so he wants to get out there and do it.

‘‘Then he gets out there and the big waves start coming and the sea is rough and it’s rain­ing and the wind is blow­ing and he asks him­self, ‘Lord, why did I ever do this?’’’

Fore­man, who spent al­most 10 years out of the ring be­fore re­turn­ing in 1987 to start a suc­cess­ful quest to cap­ture another world ti­tle, ad­mits the lure of the ring can be ir­re­sistible. But the re­al­i­ties of step­ping be­tween the ropes again can be harsh.

‘‘It’s hap­pened to so many of us. And you re­alise you should have stayed home on the dry land where ev­ery­thing is nice and safe,’’ Fore­man said.

‘‘The thing that is hard when you start to think of coming back, you re­mem­ber what you could do back in the day. But you have to re­claim that hard­ness you once had and the tim­ing. That’s what you lose af­ter so many years away and it’s so hard to get back.’’

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