Fatal crashes

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They were hus­bands, wives, sons and daugh­ters. They were drivers, pas­sen­gers, cy­clists and pedes­tri­ans. All had their lives cut short in a fatal crash. Why was Can­ter­bury’s 2017 road toll so high?

Po­lice are lost for words as to why 2017 toll is so high. This has put them un­der enor­mous pres­sure in terms of in­ves­ti­gat­ing the crashes - and try­ing to pre­vent more.

I think peo­ple get in their cars and just switch their brains off.

They read it in the pa­per that some­body else died be­cause they’ve crossed the cen­tre line or gone to sleep or failed to stop at a stop sign. They read it all and they ig­nore it - and the ex­act same thing hap­pens again. Pat Healey Te­muka as though I had achieved some­thing very spe­cial, I felt good.

Since liv­ing in New Zealand I find peo­ple still stig­ma­tise men­tal health prob­lems.

I have been called a liar, men­tal de­fec­tive, and a nut­ter. The treat­ment is not as I re­ceived in my home coun­try. I know I was much younger then, but age should not make any dif­fer­ence. My dear mother had a say­ing, ‘‘There for the grace of God go I’’. None of us can know how any­one feels when suf­fer­ing from any ill­ness. We can only sym­pa­thise.

Their Royal High­nesses the Duke and Duchess of Cam­bridge and Prince Harry have high­lighted the ill­ness in the UK. They are try­ing to take away the stigma. Their own mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, had her demons. She was a lovely woman, ev­ery­one loved her in the UK. Many tears were shed by all when she was trag­i­cally killed.

I have been rais­ing money for different char­i­ties in the UK since the age of 19 years. With the help of friends we have raised quite a lot of money. If I was a few years younger I would fight here for more help for peo­ple suf­fer­ing from men­tal health prob­lems. I would even start a pe­ti­tion to be pre­sented to Par­lia­ment. Sadly I do not think I could han­dle that kind of stress now. That is what is needed, is some­one to spear­head a group of peo­ple to make a change in the men­tal health sys­tem. I can only have my say through this news­pa­per, but I hope the peo­ple who read this ar­ti­cle will act, to get bet­ter fa­cil­i­ties to treat these peo­ple, who, through no fault of their own, are suf­fer­ing in this way. Mau­reen Sim­mons Ti­maru free dol­lars to pro­mote this cli­mate change be­cause of some hid­den gov­ern­ment agenda? Best to fol­low the money trail.

The doom mer­chants all cry­ing wolf pre­dicted cer­tain death by the killer bees, a pend­ing ice age, a mas­sive ozone hole, cat­a­strophic me­te­orites, erupt­ing su­per vol­ca­noes. Baby-boomers were in for a slow painful death lis­ten­ing to Elvis Pres­ley and The Bea­tles and now Donald Trump could make us die of bore­dom, as could watch­ing a tap drip­ping for four bor­ing days or watch­ing the cricket.

Amer­ica is ex­pe­ri­enc­ing a mas­sive snow­storm and Canada is as cold as the North Pole and it is all due to the weather. How­ever, when Aus­tralia is record­ing ex­ces­sive heat this is not weather, it is all due to cli­mate. It is called se­lect­ing the right work to sup­port your the­ory. I am no ex­pert and may be wrong, but I think weather af­fects the cli­mate and cli­mate af­fects the weather. If my oven was on full power with the door open I would not ex­pect the kitchen to freeze over.

On­line a sci­en­tist, with noth­ing much bet­ter to do, worked out all the world’s pop­u­la­tion could fit on just 260,000 acres stand­ing shoul­der to shoul­der. This planet is cov­ered in 71 per cent of wa­ter and 29 per cent land. Most land ar­eas have min­i­mal hu­man oc­cu­pa­tion and this in­cludes all the moun­tain re­gions, jun­gles, North and South Poles and the huge deserts. From space, view­ing 260,000 acres of hu­mans gath­ered to­gether on a mas­sive planet is not even the equiv­a­lent of a flea on an ele­phant’s back. This flea-like dot on planet Earth will never in a tril­lion bil­lion years be able to warm the planet any more than one flea can over­heat an ele­phant caus­ing it to die.

So back to the money trail: When politi­cians say give us your tax money and we will fix the prob­lem of global warm­ing, I get a bit sus­pi­cious. A flat­u­lence tax meter screwed on ev­ery cow’s back­side in the coun­try would have the politi­cians fly­ing free first class all over the planet twice a year, and not just once. Gree­nies and all politi­cians still drive cars and help cre­ate more pol­lu­tion out

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