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I wish to thank you for print­ing the ar­ti­cle re­gard­ing anx­i­ety (Jan­uary 9) by Dr Cathy Stephen­son. This ar­ti­cle was very in­for­ma­tive, I hope it will help fel­low suf­fer­ers.

I my­self have ax­i­ety, and have read sev­eral books on the subject. I have found out that anx­i­ety can strike a per­son in their 20s as it did my­self.

I was very lucky, I was treated by a marvelous psy­chi­a­trist from my lo­cal hos­pi­tal in Nuneaton, War­wick­shire, Eng­land. As soon as I met him, I gained 100 per cent con­fi­dence in his abil­ity to get me well again.

The anx­i­ety gave me ago­ra­pho­bia, which is the fear of open spa­ces. I was vis­ited at home, and given sev­eral tasks to per­form, al­ways mak­ing notes of what I had feared. I was to walk a lit­tle way from my home, ac­com­pa­nied by my mother, and note down my feel­ings. The big­gest task was to walk by my­self to the bot­tom of my road, los­ing sight of my home, and walk back again. When I reached home I was cov­ered in per­spi­ra­tion, but I had achieved some­thing I hadn’t achieved for a long time. This gave me the con­fi­dence to walk longer dis­tances, un­til I re­cov­ered. I felt

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