Com­bat­ing mois­ture in your home

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Un­der nor­mal cir­cum­stances, high mois­ture lev­els are a prob­lem in many homes. How­ever, with all the rain we’ve had re­cently, the is­sue is likely to be par­tic­u­larly bad for the re­main­der of the win­ter. For any home rest­ing on piles, ris­ing damp can be a sig­nif­i­cant con­trib­u­tor to in­door mois­ture lev­els, but there are also four other po­ten­tial ma­jor sources: cook­ing, show­er­ing, dry­ing laun­dry, and us­ing un­flued gas heaters. One of the best ways to man­age wa­ter vapour in­side of a home is to catch it at its source. For cook­ing and show­er­ing, this means in­stalling ex­trac­tor fans that vent steam out­side and not into the ceil­ing space. In­stalling a “Shower Dome” or “Steam Stop­per” is also a good op­tion for a stall shower. Re­duc­ing ris­ing damp is as easy as in­stalling a ground vapour bar­rier un­der your home. Another great way to man­age in­ter­nal mois­ture is to avoid ac­tiv­i­ties that in­crease it. This means that if at all pos­si­ble try to avoid air­ing your wash­ing in­side of your home, which can ac­count for up to five litres of wa­ter per load. Along the same lines, re­frain from us­ing un­flued gas heaters whether they are con­nected to mains gas or a stand-alone LPG heater. Each can re­lease one litre to wa­ter per hour into your liv­ing space. If you do not have ex­trac­tor fans or can­not in­stall a ground vapour bar­rier in the im­me­di­ate fu­ture, try to “flush your home with fresh air once or twice each day for 10 to 20 min­utes by open­ing win­dows and doors. Dur­ing win­ter months the best time to do this is around mid-day when out­door tem­per­a­tures are high­est. It is bet­ter to fully flush the home with fresh air than to leave win­dows ajar all day and night.” Source: www.ecodes­ig­nad­vi­ To book a free healthy home con­sul­ta­tion with the Coun­cil’s Eco De­sign Ad­vi­sor, call

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