Coun­cil’s 10 YEAR PLAN now fi­nalised


The Coun­cil’s plan show­ing what it in­tends to do over the 10 year pe­riod 2015 – 2025 to make Palmer­ston North an even greater place to live has now been pub­lished.

Based on com­mu­nity in­put, the Coun­cil asked the public for sub­mis­sions around the bal­ance be­tween our ser­vices and their cost in terms of rates and debt? The sub­mis­sions gen­er­ally said Coun­cil does have the right bal­ance and sup­ported Coun­cil’s ap­proach of pro­vid­ing day to day ser­vices, re­new­ing its in­fra­struc­ture so that the in­fra­struc­ture does not fail, and im­ple­ment­ing new projects that im­prove the City. The doc­u­ment also ex­plains how your rates are de­ter­mined out to the 2024/25 year and gives a clear pic­ture of ex­actly what pro­por­tion of your rates are spent on, from arts and cul­ture through to road­ing and parks. Ev­ery per­son who made a sub­mis­sion to the 10 Year Plan will get a per­son­alised let­ter, out­lin­ing Coun­cil’s re­sponses to the is­sues they have raised. If you would like to read the 10 Year Plan copies can be ob­tained from the Li­brary, the Coun­cil’s web­site, or by call­ing the Cus­tomer Ser­vice Cen­tre.

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