Waste is a swear word at shed


Menzshed Manawatu may be the ul­ti­mate re­cy­cling or­gan­i­sa­tion. To be­gin with, most of those who roll up to take part in Menzshed ac­tiv­i­ties are re­tired and are ‘re­cy­cled’ as mem­bers of Menzshed.

Many of our tools have been cared for and loved by men who knew their trade and have been do­nated by peo­ple who could not bear to see them thrown away. At Menzshed they now have new life and pur­pose.

Then there is tim­ber in all its forms. The amount of waste from build­ing sites that goes in the skip bin is huge, but those small of­f­cuts are not us­able, right? Wrong. At Menzshed, we make use of all sorts of tim­ber, ply­wood, and par­ti­cle board off-cuts to make use­ful things, and are al­ways keen to re­ceive do­na­tions of us­able tim­ber.

Some time ago we were given sev­eral lengths of hard­wood, ap­par­ently from car cases, that we were able to re-craft into a seat to com­ple­ment a new toi­let at the river end of Maxwells Line.

To as­sist Plant to Plate with their Zest Fest in May, Menzshed turned hum­ble pal­lets into ver­ti­cal pal­let gar­dens, con­vert­ing some­thing dumpable into some­thing pro­duc­tive.

Even our build­ing is a re­cy­cled army build­ing that served time as a sports pav­il­ion.

Menzshed mem­bers know there are many pos­si­bil­i­ties for re-us­ing ma­te­ri­als – and those of us who have been ‘‘re­cy­cled’ our­selves ap­pre­ci­ate the op­por­tu­nity to re­duce waste and give some­thing back to the com­mu­nity.

Menzshed is open Tues­days from 10am to 2pm, and all are welcome. Con­tact David Chap­ple, email chap­ple.arch@xtra.co.nz, phone 357 4045, or just drop in to the shed on Race­course Rd, Awa­puni.


Menzshed’s David Chap­ple with the seat Menzshed mem­bers built from re­cy­cled tim­ber and do­nated to com­ple­ment the new toi­let at the river end of Maxwells Line.

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