Tricks and tips for a good spring clean

You know spring has ar­rived when you spot lambs in pad­docks and daf­fodils be­ing sold on ev­ery street cor­ner. That means it’s time to start your spring clean­ing.

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There is a right and a wrong way to do it and here are our top tips for get­ting the job done in the main ar­eas of your house.


The epi­cen­tre of the home is of­ten the grub­bi­est.

You need to be ruth­less when it comes to spring clean­ing. Go through your pantry and throw out any­thing that has ex­ceeded its ex­piry date – like bak­ing goods, herbs and gravy mixes.

No one likes do­ing it at the best of times, but bite the bullet and clean your oven too – your next meal will thank you for it.

Clean ev­ery sur­face of your kitchen, in­clud­ing the back of that hard-to-get-to cor­ner cup­board.

And if your mi­crowave is a bit stinky, slice a le­mon into pieces and cook them on high for a few min­utes. The re­lease of the nat­u­ral le­mon acid and aroma will keep your mi­crowave smelling de­li­cious for ages.


This is never an easy part of the house to keep clean. Take time to give it a com­plete over­haul, in­clud­ing draw­ers and cup­boards that have ac­cu­mu­lated more beauty and clean­ing prod­ucts than you will ever use in a life­time.

Al­ways dis­pose of med­i­cal waste re­spon­si­bly, es­pe­cially if it has ex­pired.

We sug­gest ask­ing a chemist if there’s a cor­rect way to get rid of un­wanted or ex­pired med­i­cal prod­ucts be­fore just chuck­ing it in the bin.


Make your bed be­fore you start clean­ing. You’ll be amazed at how much bet­ter you feel about life when you have a bed that’s ready to jump into at the end of a long day.

Be bru­tal with your wardrobe if you’re strug­gling to squeeze any more clothes in. Let’s be hon­est – the dress you haven’t worn in the last 12 months is un­likely to get an out­ing over the next year ei­ther.

Make three piles of clothes – one to sell, one to give away, one to biff.

Sell the first pile, drop the sec­ond load off at your near­est op shop or cloth­ing bin, and send the third straight to the trash.

Also con­sider hav­ing your mat­tress cleaned; it’s like a spring clean for your bed!


Ar­eas like the lounge and fam­ily room could be at ei­ther ends of the clean­li­ness spec­trum. They’re ei­ther clean and well-or­gan­ised be­cause visi­tors see them fre­quently, or they’re a to­tal tip.

A good place to start spring clean­ing is your book­case. Take ev­ery­thing out and start again, or­gan­is­ing books hor­i­zon­tally and ver­ti­cally to spice up the pat­tern.

In­ter­sperse your books with or­na­ments, photo frames and keep­sakes you want to have on show.

Pull all the cush­ions off your couches and vac­uum thor­oughly un­der­neath. Spray your cush­ions with a sweet-smelling cleaner that doesn’t need to be washed off.

And make sure you dust be­fore you vac­uum – you don’t want to ruin your hard work.

The kitchen is of­ten the most chal­leng­ing part of an an­nual spring clean.

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