Deal early to gar­den pests

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Pota­toes planted within the last couple of months will need to be pro­tected from the psyl­lids.

Cit­rus trees should also be treated the same way to pre­vent in­sect pests from es­tab­lish­ing.

Aphids on roses and other plants can be con­trolled with a com­bi­na­tion spray of Key Pyrethrum and Wally’s Neem Tree Oil. Mix with warm wa­ter, and spray just be­fore dusk to take care of leaf hop­pers, mealy bugs, bee­tles, cater­pil­lars, psyl­lids, and white­fly.

Spray black pear/cherry slugs on your plum, cherry or pear trees with Wally’s Liq­uid Cop­per. If you don’t con­trol the first flush, a sec­ond gen­er­a­tion will ap­pear about Fe­bru­ary and do far more leaf dam­age.

If you find holes in the leaves of plants but no cul­prits, it’s likely to be ei­ther grass grub bee­tles or birds. Check with a torch af­ter sun­set for bee­tles and spray them with Key Pyrethrum, which only has a one-day with­hold­ing pe­riod on food crops.

Po­rina cater­pil­lars in the lawn are eas­ily con­trolled with Wally’s Neem Tree Oil mixed at 15ml per litre of warm wa­ter. Cut the lawn and just be­fore sun­set, spray the base of the grass where the cater­pil­lars feed.


Yel­low sticky white­fly traps are start­ing to catch white­fly and psyl­lid adults now that the weather is warm­ing and set­tling.

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