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Tra­di­tional meth­ods for los­ing weight can prove in­ef­fec­tive and very ex­pen­sive. Once the dis­ci­pline of a diet or diet clinic is re­moved, the weight creeps back on and the di­eter of­ten be­comes heav­ier than be­fore. Giv­ing up smok­ing has been found to com­pound the weight-loss prob­lem as food may get sub­sti­tuted for cig­a­rettes.

‘‘The prob­lem with nor­mal di­et­ing is that the mind hasn’t fully ac­cepted re­spon­si­bil­ity for self­man­age­ment, for bet­ter liv­ing and wiser food choices,’’ says Jenny Hudgell of All About You Hyp­nother­apy.

‘‘It’s al­ways go­ing to be a bat­tle as some­how the brain feels dis­con­nected to the hand and mouth.’’

All About You Hyp­nother­apy pro­vides an al­ter­na­tive treat­ment, The Vir­tual Gas­tric Band pro­gramme, with con­tin­u­ous longterm suc­cess.

The Vir­tual Gas­tric Band pro­gramme is the only hyp­nother­apy plan tri­aled through Hull Univer­sity in the UK. Through­out the ex­ten­sive tri­al­ing it had a 95 per cent suc­cess rate and proved that weight loss starts at a sub­con­scious level.

‘‘Weight loss re­ally should start by re­train­ing the brain. It takes a re­set­ting of at­ti­tudes and mind­set to achieve per­ma­nent weight loss. Our Vir­tual Gas­tric Band ses­sions pro­vide the men­tal pro­gram­ming to make changes at a foun­da­tion level.’’

Vir­tual Gas­tric Band Ther­apy is a sug­ges­tion un­der hyp­no­sis for bet­ter per­sonal dis­ci­pline and self­man­age­ment, help­ing to re­duce the client’s ap­petite and make bet­ter food choices. A four-ses­sion weight loss pro­gramme us­ing Vir­tual Gas­tric Band and other self­man­age­ment tech­niques has been found to lit­er­ally change the di­eter’s way of think­ing and there­fore be­hav­ing.

‘‘The real weight loss bat­tle is all in your mind. Eat­ing habits are deeply in­grained in your sub­con­scious and hyp­nother­apy can re­ally help you over­come th­ese old habits.’’

Jenny says The Vir­tual Gas­tric Band is a non-in­va­sive nat­u­ral pro­gramme with­out side ef­fects or com­pli­ca­tions, just per­ma­nent changes to her client’s eat­ing pat­terns.

‘‘This is a long-term so­lu­tion at a frac­tion of the price of re­peat vis­its to a diet clinic,’’ says Jenny.

‘‘It is def­i­nitely not a diet but en­ables the client to form new habits with­out a feel­ing of de­pri­va­tion.’’

The re­sult of The Vir­tual Gas­tric Band hyp­no­sis is a steady, pro­gres­sive weight loss. Free sup­port MP3s and other use­ful tech­niques are pro­vided to re­in­force the changes.

‘‘The Vir­tual Gas­tric Band pro­gramme is def­i­nitely cost ef­fec­tive com­pared with surgery or diet clin­ics and it’s a lot less de­mand­ing.’’

Eat­ing less and ex­er­cis­ing more will nat­u­rally cre­ate a bet­ter body shape, im­prove fit­ness and over­all health. Jenny says adding the ex­tra ben­e­fits of hyp­nother­apy in­clud­ing bet­ter sleep, in­creased self-es­teem, pos­i­tiv­ity, con­fi­dence, mo­ti­va­tion and an all-round feel­ing of be­ing in con­trol, en­abling weight loss and main­te­nance easy and achiev­able.

Con­tact Jenny at All About You on 0800 344 9713 or visit­labouty­

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